Divine Revelations

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17 Jun 2004, 21:52 #21

Welcome Vicki...we've been waiting for you! ImageLotus

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Excellent story Joel.
We just have to open our hearts
and our minds to be able to see
and recognize those Divine Interventions
and Signs. They happen every day!!!

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Thank you so much for this story, Joel. I believe in divine interventions and just love it. Image

Can't count how often I've read it up to today ... but I keep wondering whether the door of Jeff's fridge has ever fallen off ? Any updates ??

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Jeff was in a corporate clinic I did over 20 years ago--before I had good computerization of my client databases. I unfortunately lost contact information on him a long time ago. Maybe he will find his way here one day to give us an update. Stranger things have happened--especially to Jeff.

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The above story may sound like an unlikely occurrence. But it actually happened to one of our clinic participants. While most smokers do not get such divine revelations, all smokers get direct messages that they should stop smoking. The messages come from the smoker's own body. It may be in the form of a cough, a chest pain, tingling sensation or numbness in an extremity, headaches, indigestion, difficulty in breathing and a multitude of other complaints. Unfortunately, though, while the messages are constantly being sent to the smoker, they are not often received.

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It's rare ... but I truly think it happened to me.

I have asthma, and towards the end of last month, I'd started having a heavy feeling in my chest. I was wheezing. I kept thinking "I need to quit," but then I'd just smoke less--instead of stopping completely.

I have always written in a journal. So one night, I was just doodling and all of a sudden my hand felt like it had taken on a mind of its own. I drew a sad face, the words "smoking cigs" and then a cross. I also drew three arrows. Sounds like a jumble of unconnected things, but on the page ... it literally looked like a message from ... above.

My brain was filled with the thoughts of "never again." My chest was pounding. I could hardly breathe, and it was all I could say over and over ... "never again, never again, never again."

That was the day I found whyquit.com.

I didn't exactly listen to the intervention at that moment ... but it's been 4 days now. I've got a mean headache, and it's been a bit hard to concentrate ... but I will not take a puff today.

Freedom is the one site that makes me feel and think about my addiction this way. If that's not divine intervention ... I don't know what is.