Desperate Addicts Parade: Have You Ever...

Jerm (Gold)
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13 Jan 2003, 05:13 #41

Hmm, fun posting...

Have you ever taken all of your butts out of the ash tray, emptied the tobacco out of them and rolled them up into papers to smoke them unfiltered... I have because I'm an addict!
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13 Jan 2003, 13:05 #42

I like this one, OBob -

Have you ever picked your old cigarette butts out of the dirt in the garden to salvage a puff? I have... because I'm an ADDICT.

Have you ever locked yourself in the bathroom and lit up, puffing the smoke out the window, and DENIED doing it to your husband when you got caught? I have... because I'm an ADDICT.

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misha (Gold )
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13 Jan 2003, 14:35 #43

Have you ever torn your house up knowing you have a pack somewhere??? Have you ever run up on packs in strange places and realized that your kid hid them because she was scared that you were going to smoke yourself to death? *sigh*

Yes, I have done all of the above, because I am an addict.

David Gold
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13 Jan 2003, 20:07 #44

Have you ever thrown a full pack(s) out the car window only to go back and get out of your car in the middle of a busy street to pick up the smashed pack and salvage as many as you could? I have because I'm an addict.

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13 Jan 2003, 20:49 #45

Have you ever risked you career to have a forbidden cigarette? After you had been caught once and reprimanded? Image

Have you ever been late to work so you could have "just one more"?

Have you kept your quit a secret, because that whole thing about telling everyone you're quitting hasn't helped the last 5 or 6 tries and the very idea of you trying to quit is now a joke?

I have. Because I'm an addict.

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14 Jan 2003, 11:01 #46

Oh Gormo, I have done that and more... I dried them in the oven!Image Why, because I'm an addictImage


BestieUK (Bronze)
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11 Feb 2003, 23:42 #47

This is brilliant!

Have you ever..... gone out with your sister and your baby nephew and managed to remember the cigarettes but not the baby's bottles? Our mum never let us forget that one.

Have you ever..... gone through the ashtray beside your dad's bed and unpicked his old roll-ups and rolled the stinking old dregs of tobacco up and smoked it?

I have done both of these things, and plenty more, I'm sure, because I'M AN ADDICT. GRIM!

But now I haven't smoked for more than 3 Weeks 4 Days and 13 Hours.

Sharie (Bronze)
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12 Feb 2003, 00:03 #48

Image Have you ever bummed money from a complete stranger or worse - your little children (birthday money), just so you could buy a pack of cigarettes? I have...cause I'm an addict.

Have you ever been late for work cause you were out of cigarettes and you were driving around looking for a gas station that accepted checks? I have..cause I'm an addict.

But I don't do these things anymore cause I quit!!!!! Yippee!

L z l
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12 Feb 2003, 00:08 #49

Talk about brutal honesty. But it's necessary and healthy I guess.

Okay. here's mine (and I am totally ashamed to admit it).

Have you ever had someone you love desperately in the hospital not knowing whether or not they were going to make it through the night, and you actually spent 10 minutes of every precious hour outside smoking your brains out ?

I did that, because I'm an addict, and I'm not sure I can ever forgive myself even though he survived just fine.

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12 Feb 2003, 00:42 #50

Have you ever... gotten antzy sitting at your mother's side in the hospital because she is on oxygen after having a severe asthma attack due to her smoking. And then you make up a stupid lie/excuse to be able to run outside and stand in the freezing cold to get your fix, and then you go back to her room reeking of smoke - and hear her say, "oh that smells so good, I wish I could have one"...

Have you ever... stood up to speak at your beloved stepfather's funeral and not been able to read your heart felt eulogy - not because you are too sad about the fact that he just keeled over from a massive smoking related heart attack nine days after his 58th birthday (it's true that you are so sad you think your heart might break too Image) but you can't speak because you've got the kind of smoker's cough that hits whenever you cry or laugh - and right then, with hundreds of people looking to you on the podium for words of wisdom - you can't stop coughing...

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