Desperate Addicts Parade: Have You Ever...

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19 Nov 2002, 01:25 #31

Very good topic for a parade OBob...
Have you ever searched parking lots and the street gutters for butts long enough to grab a couple of hits off of? Or the ashtrays outside of public buildings? Have you seen those butts as a potential fix rather than the nasty disgusting trash that they are?
I have, beause I'm an addict. (oh, and the shame when you realize that someone is watching pick a butt off of the ground, and you do it anyway...because you're an addict...
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20 Dec 2002, 03:59 #32

The junky inside lives in that realm between waking and sleeping. Had a viscious smoking dream the other night, and, half-asleep, lay there in bed considering my fate, unclear if I'd relapsed or not, should I just get up and go to the store..... Eventually, I woke up completely, and realized it was a load of bunk, and I had no desire to even get near a cigarette, and that not smoking totally rules! .... still, it's scary when you realize how close the junky is and always will be....

one dream away from a whisper.... one puff away from resurrection.

... a liberated addict,

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AuntBea (Silver)
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20 Dec 2002, 04:53 #33

Have you ever been suffering from pneumonia and hid around the side of the house taking little, tiny, short puffs to get the poison in without hacking your lungs out?
I have. I'm an addict.
Have you ever bought the cigarettes first, and used whatever was left over for gas money?
I have. I'm an addict.

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20 Dec 2002, 06:03 #34

Ooooo....I just love this junkie ole thread...

Have you ever seen a pack of cigarettes that was wet with beer and left for ruined on a bar and then sheepishly waited for the bartender to turn around so that you could sneak a few out to smoke cause you were low on cash... I have, because I am an addict.

I have chosen not to smoke for 2 Months 3 Weeks 4 Days 15 Hours 1 Minute 49 Seconds. Cigarettes not smoked: 2598. Money saved: $649.70.

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20 Dec 2002, 06:08 #35

Have you ever taken a one day journey to another country (Norway->Sweden) just to fill your car up with duty-free half priced cigarettes and smuggled them back across the border?
I have. Because I'm an addict. (In recovery :)

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20 Dec 2002, 10:49 #36

This is a great topic. Talk about honesty. Have you ever chained smoke while drinking TOO much and the next day felt like you were already half in the grave and barely able to breathe? and even amidst coughing so bad you decide that a cigarette will make you feel better!? So you smoke. I have because I'm an addict! Lena
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20 Dec 2002, 12:32 #37

Have you ever had a new car that you would not even allow your kids to eat in, barely breath in ..and then YOU throw a cigarette out and it blows back in the window and burns a hole in the seat? I have...because I am an addict!
Have you ever been driving in the bad weather with it freezing outside, roll down the window and freeze your children (who are BEGGING you to roll up the window) and you tell them to just wait, it wont take long to smoke (until the next one of course). And of course feel incredibly brilliant because you were one step up on them and threw a blanket you could smoke longer!! I have....because I am an addict!

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12 Jan 2003, 22:44 #38

Have you ever had the excruciating pain of having a lung collaspe and on your drive to emergency you puff down as many cigarettes as you can before treatment.
I Have I'm An Addict.
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12 Jan 2003, 23:26 #39

Have you ever walked to the curb in front of your house and found a decent size butt and smoked it? I have, because I'm an addict...

Did you ever find a butt in the house that was too small to smoke so you took the tobacco out and ate it? I have, because I am an addict!

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13 Jan 2003, 02:01 #40

Have you ever "snuck" cigarrettes while you were pregnant but thought yourself clever enough to make sure you left enough time gap between your cigarrette and your OBGYN visit so when your Dr checked your blood pressure your blood pressure had already dropped to normal and not "racing" from just having a cigarrette? I have because I'm an addict!
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