Desperate Addicts Parade: Have You Ever...

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Wow! All these other posts are so familiar. Okay, so here's mine...

I work from home and used to smoke all day, every day at my desk while working on the computer.

 In order to "hide" the vast amount of cigs I smoked from my husband, I would keep a small ashtray on my desk and make scrupulously sure that there were only 2 or 3 butts in there at any one time. But -  I would keep a secre, hidden stash of hundreds of butts in a trash bag in the office bathroom, which I would bag up ( after going through them all to find the longest butts) and drive to a public waste dump to dispose of them so he woudn't see or smell them in the regular trash outside our house. Geez, I am a serious, conniving nicotine addict.

Thank god I have been free of this horrible disease for 17 days, 9 hours ansd 42 mins and 23 seconds. Hallelujah!!
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"Have you ever....left your young child alone in a hospital bed so you could go outside for your 'fix'....I have, I'm an addict."

I have done this and rationalised at the time that it was the stress due to my child being in the hospital.
When I ran out and couldn't go to the store by the hospital because it was shut, I smoked the butts left behind by other addicts, even whilst thinking about what germs might be on them.

I am a recovering addict!

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Have you ever started an argument with loved ones during a quit on purpose so that you had an excuse to relapse after you walked out of the door, knowing before you started the argument you were going to buy cigarettes? I have, because I'm an addict.

Have you ever had your one year old chew a cigarette and vomit everywhere so hard that you had to call poison control to see if they would be Ok?
We're you having a smoke while you were making that call?

I have, because I'm an addict.