Desperate Addicts Parade: Have You Ever...

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23 Sep 2002, 17:13 #21

Oh, these posts ring so many bells ..... OK, here are my two (euro)cents:
Have you ever made yourself literally sick in the morning because you chainsmoked 3 or 4 cigarettes right after you got out of bed? Well, I have, several times, because I am an addict.
As a student on a tight budget, did you spend more than a third of your income on cigarettes? Have you ever actually spend the last money in your pocket on cigarettes rather than on a sandwich? I have, because I am an addict.
Have you ever, during previous attempts to quit, picked up a fight with those closest to you so that you can have an excuse for relapsing within the first day? I definitely have.
And I also have, in true addict style, searched many times for smokable butts in ashtrays and in the garbage bin.
But I have not had to do any of this over the last month and a bit
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Have you ever....?

Well, I've crushed and dumped my packet into the bin at the University that I've worked at, on the way to my office in the morning. Then scrambled my way through the associated rubbish on top of it (squeezing my hand through the slot on the side of the bin) on the way home to get that crushed pack, all the time being passed by students as they head to the nearby train station. That was a fairly shameful experience.

And...a common one for all of us, I've said 'Yes, yes, yes!' to a brand I would normally find totally disgusting to smoke (like Camels) when nothing else has been on offer. That shows the true lack of a discerning nature of any smoker.

Good parade!

El Bob
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I'm actually surpised at how many of these I'm answering yes to.
Have you ever had a really bad chest cold, gotten in the car to go somewhere, started to smoke, and made yourself cough so badly you puked on yourself and your good shirt, and waited to go back into the house long enough to finish the cigarette? I have. I'm an addict.Image
I think this is a good thread for a link to this one too: Cigarette Martyrs
Bob (8m2w4d)
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Oh my golly, what a humbling and brilliant thread. It sure makes me grateful to be free!

Have you ever had four wisdom teeth pulled, and as soon as you got out of the office, made your boyfriend hold your frozen bloody lips together while you took a drag of a cigarette, almost choking on the blood? I have and it's fresh in my mind, since I just got back from the dentist with a frozen mouth. I'm an addict.

Have you ever taken a flight and had to put on a nicotine patch just to make it through, even though they make you violently ill? I have, I am an addict.

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Have you ever resented your infant son because you only had $2 left in the world and knew you had to spend it on milk for his bottle rather than the cigarettes you were so desperate for? I have. I'm an addict.

(This is back when you could get a pack for $2! Or a gallon of milk, for that matter...)

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Have you ever used tweesers to hold the 3/4 inch-long end of a cigarette that had been broken in half (no filter), and smoked it like a joint until it actually burned your lips, and then, had one last puff for good measure, even though it burnt, and made your eyes water?

I have. I am an addict.

ImageBob (45+ weeks)

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17 Nov 2002, 18:56 #27

Did you ever wake your sleeping child to strap them into the car seat so you could run into the convenience store to buy a pack? I have. I'm an addict.

Did you ever tackle your husband or wife when they walked in the door, not because you were happy to see them, but because they had said they'd pick up a pack for you? I have. I'm an addict.

Did you ever treasure your pack like it was made of gold? I have. I'm an addict.

But never ever again. :)

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Fantastic parade!!! Thanks OBob, for the parade and for sharing your experiences!

Have you ever quit smoking and broken your cigarettes in two so you wouldn't smoke them? The later, dug through the coffee grounds and other garbage on top to look for one you didn't break? And when you couldn't find an unbroken one, scotched-taped one of the broken ones together and smoked it -- adding all those yummy burning scotch tape chemicals to the ones you were already smoking? I have. I really am an addict.

But I haven't in quite some time now :)
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Have you ever had a smoking dream? One where you really believed that you were smoking? And you're only going to smoke just one? But you suddenly panic because you realize that you can't smoke just one! You tell yourself it will be okay but you immediately to start to feel the crave and you light up another. And inside you feel that horrible sinking feeling because you know you are no longer free? And you really believe you blew it until you opened your eyes and realized you were sound asleep?
I did...just last night...because I am a nicotine addict.
Big hugs, Joy
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This makes me feel awful and maybe writing about it will help. Back in September I thought my son had the stomach flu and he was really sick for the whole day. That night I got worried about him and called his doctor who told me I should take him to the ER to get some fluids in him so he wouldn't dehydrate. Well instead of rushing him to the hospital I went out and smoked a cig (you know how long they make you wait in ER's). Anyway, it turned out to be a appendicitis. He is fine now but I can't believe I did that. What an addict.

I have others but believe this was the worst.


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