Desperate Addicts Parade: Have You Ever...

SweetLorraine (Gold)
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22 Sep 2002, 22:23 #11

Have you ever...left a lovely family gathering in the middle of a cold and stormy evening to go outside and sneak a cigarette? I have, because I am an addict.

So nice to be free.



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22 Sep 2002, 22:41 #12

(Lorraine, so cold my teeth would chatter!)
OBob, thanks for this. What a healthy exercise...

ImageHave you ever cried because you couldn't have one?
ImageHave you ever climbed on to a roof to have a secret one?
ImageHave you ever written someone a letter just so that you could go out and post it and sneak in a quick one?
ImageI have. I'm an addict.Image
ImageClac xxx Image
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22 Sep 2002, 23:07 #13

Have you ever, buried your pack of cigarettes under a bridge, 5 miles away from home, then rode your bike there, and dug them up, and smoked one....EVERYDAY for a week? I have, I am an addict.

Here's another one, and this is disgusting:

Have you ever taken long cigarette butts out of ashtrays at the mall and smoked them? Other peoples butts!! I have, I am definately an addict.

Thanks for the images, OBOB. Thinking how wonderful it is to be free right now!!
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Roma Bronze
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22 Sep 2002, 23:41 #14

Have you ever accused your husband of "stealing" your cigs. Only after ranting and raving and blaming do you find that you have put them in the refridgerator? I have. I'm an addict.

I have some others, but too ashamed to say them right now.

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Eileen D (GOLD)
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23 Sep 2002, 00:24 #15

Have you ever smoked OLD OLD butts from the car ash tray that you never seem to empty? I have

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Gormo Gold
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23 Sep 2002, 01:44 #16

Good Afternoon, Freedom! Have I ever? Have I ever!

Have you ever...

Decided to quit smoking and thrown your pack of cigarettes into the trash, only to fish them out later and pour water into the pack to make sure you couldn't smoke them. And then wonder how long it would take to use a hair dryer to dry one out. Which then made you fish them out again and tear them in half, just to be sure they were unsmokable.

Followed by driving to a different store for cigarettes an hour later, so that the clerk at the first store wouldn't think you had smoked 20 cigarettes in the 4 hours since you bought today's 1st pack from him.

I have. On more than one occasion.

I used to think I was insane. Now I know better.

I am a nicotine addict.

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23 Sep 2002, 06:19 #17

Have you ever went through an old, smelly coffee can full of nasty, disgusting cigarette butts, or a car ashtray, rifling through, hoping to find any salvageable puff or two? I have, I'M AN ADDICT!

Have you ever ripped the remaining butt apart, rolled it up to try to get some nicotine out of it? I have, I'M AN ADDICT!!

Thanks Bob, you are soooo right!! I know we are no different than heroin addicts or any other addict, we would do whatever it took to get our fix. Very enlightening, Bob!

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BillW Gold.ffn
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23 Sep 2002, 06:59 #18

not so much disgusting, as decietful......
Have you ever "staged" a week-long or so quit....
knowing it would fail....
planning for it to fail....
so that you wouldn't get nagged about quitting
for a year or so....,
and to proove to yourself again
that quitting was impossible?????
I have...I'm an addict. (Then in the middle of my last "staged" quit, something happened....I found Freedom!)
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23 Sep 2002, 08:10 #19

Have you ever.....

prepared to feed your very young baby. Got the bottle ready, made the cup of coffee, got the cigarettes/lighter/ashtray all nearby. Light the cigarette first (because it's hard to do once you start feeding the baby), place it in the astray, start to feed.
All of a sudden, baby starts to scream. After placing cigarette (safely) in astray, investigate the cause of the screaming, only to find that hot ash from the cigarette had dropped into the baby's ear!!!!!

I have.....because I am an addict!!

That baby is now a grown man, but do I remember the guilt of that one. That son of mine has watched me try to quit smoking many times over the years but even he believes it now - that this time is forever! When he presents me with my first grandchild and I have the privilege of holding that baby, it will never have to suffer the fate that its father did.

What kind of person places getting a "fix" ahead of enjoying the magic of being close to your precious child? An addict, that's who.

Cheers, thanks for the guilt trip down memory lane Bob, Image
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23 Sep 2002, 11:34 #20

Okies, here's my most shameful one. I ran out of cancer sticks. My 1yoa (at the time) was sleeping in her crib. I actually left her alone Image and went to go get cigs. YIKES! I am truly an addict.

On a side note, my previous post should have read "hiding" versus "stealing" since my hubby does not smoke.

Thanks OBob for the parade.

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