Days I just wanted to Die

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Hi Mellisa
I love reading your post you don't know how much helped me I can totally relate to some of the feelings you first went through I felt the same but I am comforted to know it gets better .
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How wonderful it is that someone who has quit for almost 5 years has so much respect for this site they still come back to encourage the new quitters. That means so much to many of us. Reading about your difficult times and how you dealt with them makes us feel more normal.

After spending 3 days in the hospital with pneumonia I finally decided to try to quit smoking. I had smoked for 40 years and had never tried to stop before.

In your post you wrote "Never forget what brought you here in the first place." I remember telling myself that I needed to always remember how scary it was to be fighting for air to breath the day my husband called the rescue squad to take me to the hospital.

I also remember how blessed I was when I was told the mass they saw in my lung was the pneumonia and that I had no tumors. I am a religious person and I believe what happened to me when I got pneumonia was a wake up call from God that I needed to remove cigarettes from my life so that I could become the best witness for Him that I could be. Apparently I'm a really slow learner...40 years...good grief!

I have been smoke free for 1 month, 2 weeks, and 3 days. It is undescrible how great it is to be an ex-smoker. I feel so much better. I smell better, I'm happier, and I have a closer relationship with my God. Why Quit has made this journey so much easier for me. Knowledge is power!!

So thanks again Melissa...I loved reading your posts.

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Thank You

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I am having one of those "I just want to die days". I have read this thread many times and it does help. Life goes on with it'smany heartaches and problems> My issues would be here even if I smoked. Now I need to learn how to deal with real problems as a non smoker, one day at a time one hr at a time. I have been a non-nicotine user for 18 days.

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I needed this post. Thanks... Just hope this gets better soon!

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It's like you sat in my head for the last month.

Thank goodness I read this. Now I know that I really can do this.

Thank you.