Days I just wanted to Die

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Thank you Melissa,

I can almost touch the pain you describe in this post. I have just reached 3 weeks and the last few days I have really been fighting the "loss" feeling. This post has helped, as have a number of your other posts - I read them and then read them again.

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Dear Melissa,
Me also can feel the pain you went through that time. Here the newbe like us can get strength from the people like you, we can see that even with the pain and cry you made it many months. I like to hear from you about your present experence.

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I don't know if you are around lately; I can imagine you hate thinking of your junky past. But your string was (and is) so beautifull I had to think of it day and night. So clear and so good. It made me quit smoking. I read it 10000 times. Thanks.

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Thank you Melissa. Thank you so much for having the guts to put this up there. I don't know where I am in my quit (off nicotine patch 1/21/07, smokes 1/1/07) but I relate to the first part of your journey. You give me courage and hope to continue.

Best to you,

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Thank you for your post-it made me cry.
I have never made it past a month before without being so suicidal that even my doctor told me to get a pack and be there first thing in the morning. I still miss locking out the pain and the stress of life with nicotine-but I will never take another puff. I have new compassion for meth addicts, because the reality of my addiction is in my face every day.
Thanks for letting me know that I am not alone in this horrible struggle. Life is life. Nicotine never made anything better-it was just a grand distraction.
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Wow!!! What an amazing post. I know it's a few years old, but wow. Brought tears to my eyes. No wonder it has so many recommendations; another from me. Thank you, Melissa, for putting yourself and your pain out there. Also, thank you for putting your triumph and elation out there for all to see. It's people like you, and posts like yours that really inspire us newbies to keep up the good fight and to NTAP.

Peace, Litahni

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Hi Melissa, reading today what you had to say really made me feel like someone out there knows how I am feeling and that was so good to know, that I was not alone in how I felt, you stated it perfectly when you said "

I hated the fact hat I had even tried to quit because now people expected me not to smoke.
They looked forward to a healthier me.
My logic was if I had not tried to quit I could still smoke with out letting anyone down. I hated my own Quit I hated that I had ever tried to quit at all! I believed I was in prison and smokers were free.

I thought I was probably the only person thinking this crazy stuff, thank you for writing, and congratulations on your 9 month quit. Great job, I look forward to mine 9 month one day.

Nancy ss in Ohio

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Melissa: It's been five years since you posted your message - WOW - what an inspiration you are to me! Yes, I also cried reading your post - you described many of the things I'm feeling now. I'm almost 14 days into my quit and struggle frequently. I'm hanging onto your words - IT DOES GET BETTER! I know it will. I actually have never made it this long before, so I know I can do this - NTAP!!

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It has been a long time since I wrote " days I just wanted to die":
From: Melissa777_-Gold (Original Message) Sent: 8/30/2007 5:15 PM
Hey all,

I just stopped by to take a look around and see how everyone is doing. I love coming here every now and then and seeing all the new names. While I know the journey can be a challenging one it also ends up being the best journey you could ever embark on.

It will be Five years for me this coming October. I have shared a million thoughts I have had here some so irrational I was ashamed to type them out. At the five year mark I am left with one thought. " I just wish I had quit much sooner than I did" I guess there are a few more too... Like I wish I had never started in the first place. I never needed it. Its only purpose was to make me sick and rob me of money and life.

Everything is so much better. I run and play with my kids. I exercise. I have energy to things I could never do when I was smoking. I am a different person now all together, I am not only healthier, but stronger both physically and mentally. No crutches.

The smell of cigarettes makes me really sick. I have absolutely no positive thoughts about them what so ever. I couldn't come up with one positive thing they ever did for my life if you paid me to. I say that just so that anybody sitting here reading this that may be thinking they will always miss it ..Knows "It really does get better and better" Until you just find yourself living and everyday normal life like anybody else and you are no longer plagued with illogical thoughts.

When it gets hard you have to hold on to that and know that it is said here a 1000 times over by many people because it is true

Never forget what brought you here in the first place. Always remember that no matter what you go through in life good or bad, smoking never has and never will make anything better. It doesn't fix problems. It creates more and exacerbates the ones you already have. We were meant to use our lungs for breathing in air not poisons.

I smoked for almost 16 years and at the time I quit I was up to two packs a day. I felt like I was killing myself and that I was powerless to stop it. I slept just to give my lungs a break, so that I could get up a repeat the same cycle all over again.

When my lungs felt like they were on fire and just hurt terribly,
I didn't just take pain killers to stop the pain, I took it so that I could smoke more that day and feel less pain doing it. I literally never felt good at all physically. I was always winded and coughing. I lacked energy to do just basic things like cleaning and cooking. I did it, but it was much more of a chore to me then. I would smoke until I couldn't breathe well at all and my head felt like it would explode. I did this everyday for years. It was a horrible vicious cycle that was killing me. I don't think I was any less or more addicted than anyone reading this. If I could do it... so can you! Just please believe in yourself and what you can do. There are so many wonderful testimonies here about how much better it gets and how much better life is the further along you get.

I wrote about the things I went through in "Days I just wanted to die" I still look back and as bad as it all was I say to you truthfully and emphatically It was worth it! I have my life back. I have set a good example for my kids. I am finally leading by example. It was so hypocritical to tell them that they can do anything in life they want to and really want them to believe that, and then turn around and tell them "I can't quit." I am healthy and happy and I mean truly happy. There is absolutely nothing to miss about smoking.

My grandma quit two years after me and she had smoked for 60 years. She is off her inhaler and off of her oxygen. She is taking trips with her boyfriend. They go camping, they play bingo, they even go and dance now and she is 83. It truly is never too late to quit.

My sister still smokes and is extremely unhealthy. She is on inhalers ( two) and they put her on steroids to deal with some of the inflammation in her chest. She sound like she is literally choking when she coughs. her voice is deeper and she rarely ever feels like doing anything, other than of coarse "smoking" I fear losing her to this insidious addiction. She is my best friend and I need her around. At first I was just happy to hear her talk about quiting. Now with her failing health, it isn't enough and I am praying she will stop talking about it and do it before it is too late. My grandmother has more quality of life then my sister does and my sister is only 41. Sad huh?

The truth is that is all smoking does for you. Robs you of health, the ability to really live a decent healthy active life and it will in some cases eventually rob you of life all together. At that point you cannot change anything and the results of smoking become permanent and very painful to those left behind.

So be glad you are here making changes that will better your life and probably prolong it. Stick to it so that you can give your testimony to someone just starting out. Soon you will be telling others how much better it gets and giving them words of encouragement to hold onto.

Thanks for taking the time to read this
Melissa: has had almost five years of freedom and she is loving it!
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Melissa you'll never know how many times I've read your post and thought to myself that it could have been written by me and so many others. Sometimes it's hard to put into words the exact feelings of being miserable. That is the exact reason being a member of this group saved me time and time again. There was always something someone would say that I could relate to and I could understand that though I was a recovering addict my feelings were normal and expected.

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Hi Mellisa
I love reading your post you don't know how much helped me I can totally relate to some of the feelings you first went through I felt the same but I am comforted to know it gets better .
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How wonderful it is that someone who has quit for almost 5 years has so much respect for this site they still come back to encourage the new quitters. That means so much to many of us. Reading about your difficult times and how you dealt with them makes us feel more normal.

After spending 3 days in the hospital with pneumonia I finally decided to try to quit smoking. I had smoked for 40 years and had never tried to stop before.

In your post you wrote "Never forget what brought you here in the first place." I remember telling myself that I needed to always remember how scary it was to be fighting for air to breath the day my husband called the rescue squad to take me to the hospital.

I also remember how blessed I was when I was told the mass they saw in my lung was the pneumonia and that I had no tumors. I am a religious person and I believe what happened to me when I got pneumonia was a wake up call from God that I needed to remove cigarettes from my life so that I could become the best witness for Him that I could be. Apparently I'm a really slow learner...40 years...good grief!

I have been smoke free for 1 month, 2 weeks, and 3 days. It is undescrible how great it is to be an ex-smoker. I feel so much better. I smell better, I'm happier, and I have a closer relationship with my God. Why Quit has made this journey so much easier for me. Knowledge is power!!

So thanks again Melissa...I loved reading your posts.

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Thank You

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I am having one of those "I just want to die days". I have read this thread many times and it does help. Life goes on with it'smany heartaches and problems> My issues would be here even if I smoked. Now I need to learn how to deal with real problems as a non smoker, one day at a time one hr at a time. I have been a non-nicotine user for 18 days.

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I needed this post. Thanks... Just hope this gets better soon!

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It's like you sat in my head for the last month.

Thank goodness I read this. Now I know that I really can do this.

Thank you.