Coughing etc

Coughing etc

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It has been 27 days since I quit smoking. No real physical problems until a couple of days ago - I found and find myself coughing, some pain in the area of the lungs, and eliminating thick mucous.

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Congrats on making it 27 days, that rocks! I had some intermitten coughing that cam and went and just came back. OUr lungs have to heal and also with the change in the weather and allergy season starting up (at least here in Philly) there will proably be some irretation. However if you feel it is unusual i would go talk to a doctor, since we cant give medical advice.
Keep on going at it you are almost Green!!
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Hi Joe, and welcome to Freedom!

And congrats on Nearly Green!

But here is some reading on your condition:

You know how to recongize a cold, the flu, or bronchitus. We can't prescribe here, if there is any doubt, see your doctor.

The second thread is more interesting, and it happened to me. As our cilia heal, they begin to start removing the backlog of accumulated junk, filth, etc.

So: this could be either:

1) a cold, or

2) a sign of your healing.

Either way, not unexpected. See your doctor if you have any questions.

You are doing great!

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Congrats on being almost green! You're doing a wonderful job.

Here's the thing. You've smoked and smoked and inhaled all these nasty things in your lungs for a long time. Some people have been for a decade, more people, more than a decade. That's more (or less) than 10 years of your life you've been sucking down smoke in your lungs and hurting your body. Since you are only 27 days in the quit, you're 27 days young in the recovery process. This is going to take a while.

But everyone is different.

Please check with your doctor if you are concerned about it. But also remember that you are clearing your life - and your lungs, and everything in your body - of smoking.

Good luck and let us know how everything turns out!