The emotions that flow from nicotine cessation
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Hi All,
I smoked for 13 years,quit for a year,started again and smoked for another year and now have quit again (14 days so far).Must admit complacency was the thing that got me started again.Because it was so easy to quit last time(really not sure why it was so),I grew very arrogant in that I thought I could just have the one or two and it would be just as easy to quit again when I wanted to.
How wrong was I.
Not only did I have the one or two, I was back on 20 a day before I could say tobacco....easy to quit,easy to start again.
I tried to quit a couple of times in the past year and never got past lunchtime; this made me VERY scared to try again as it wasn't so easy after all.I was convinced that I would be an addict forever,controlled by the addiction.
I did finally try again and this time I have managed to last 2 weeks cold turkey.It so isn't easy, at times I get so angry,other times very depressed,sometimes don't wanna do or enjoy anything....a difficult journey.
But I feel there is no other option but to stick with it,I don't want to be a smoker again, I don't want to be an addict and I certainly don't think anymore that it would get any easier to quit further down the line. I am scared of the cigarette now and maybe that's what I need to feel every time I think of them or smoking; there is no such thing as "just the one cigarette".
It has helped me tremendeously reading everyones thoughts and experiences,I know I'm not alone on my emotional rollercoaster :)

Thanks and Good Luck!!

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This little thread should be pulled up again and again. Especially as a reminder to those of us whose quits are still new: not too get too self-assured. We're exchanging the problems/challenges we started with for a better sort. But we're no more exempt from threats waiting five or ten years from now than are those who've posted here. Eternal vigilance, indeed.

I seem to recall reading, somewhere or other, a post from Joel or John on memory:  how one of our worst enemies can be the tendency to forget why we quit and all that we knew at the start.  Anyone remember this?
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In the video linked in the string Make a list of why you want to quit smoking it discusses the phenomena of how people forget their initial reasons for quitting and can then lose some of their key motivation that can help them to sustain their quits over the long-term.

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