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Subject: A 1936 Thanksgiving Camel vs. a 2010 Chevy e-cig ... amel-ad-sm...

The above link shows slick RJR marketing that wraps smoking in Americana. Sincere thanks to Wendy (Chipits) for bringing it to our attention. It reminds me of the below 1/19/10 CNN e-cigarette storyin which an e-cigarette maker states:

"With all due respect to products made in China, you don't know what you are going to get. Our product lasts longer and tastes better. My dad smoked and I wish he had a product like this that avoided the side effects of tar in traditional tobacco. We are an American company, delivering an American product, through American intellectual property with American product development expertise. When you use our product, it is like driving a Chevy." ... twire/0578...

A Chevy in 2010, Thanksgiving in 1936, we've come full circle. To this recovered 30-year nicotine addict, nicotine addiction isn't about how we die but how we live: slave to nicotine's two-hour elimination half-life, an endless cycling between dopamine "aaah" explosions and a depressed, angry and anxiety intense low that screams for replenishment. It's about a new #1 priority in life, tanking up early and often so as to avoid those "WHERE ARE MY CIGS, I'VE GOTTA HAVE A SMOKE!!!" feelings.

Let's keep a close eye on e-cig, smokeless and NRT marketing and ads. As you may have heard, on January 14, 2010 US Federal District Court Judge Richard L. Leon ruled in Smoking Everywhere, Inc. vs. the FDA that the FDA could not ban e-cigarettes from entering the U.S. He found that the e-cigarette stands in the same shoes as the traditional combustion cigarette as it is not a product intended for treatment of nicotine addiction or for smoking cessation but for what Judge Leon calls "recreational" nicotine use.

Judge Leon's 1/14 opinion warns that nicotine canisters of more than 20 new e-cig makers (that the FDA had prevented from being imported) are at this moment moving into the American market. I hope I'm wrong but I believe we are about to witness the most intense nicotine marketing campaign ever. If so, how will youth collateral dependency damage compare to smoker harm reduction objectives?

Although the FDA appears to have the regulatory power under the FSPTCA to immediately erect marketing barriers between youth and those seeking to enslave them, with our President slave to pharm nicotine himself, there's likely little political will to do so. I'm sure there would be concerns about nicotine sales job loss. Remember, the slick nicotine marketing we are about to witness is designed to do one thing, keep us coming back for more. Still only one rule ... no nicotine today!!!

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