Cigarette Smoke Smell Good? It's not by accident.

Subconscious use cue extinguishment
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I heard they put saltpetere (an ingredient of gunpowder) in the papers to make them burn better. Remember the little 'explosions' you sometimes got from a lit ciggie?

What a lovely product we've freed ourselves from

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It really doesn't smell that good anymore - I'd rather smell my cat's litter box (Ingredients: Clay, cat pee).

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Holy chihuahua!!  It's no wonder fresh cigs smell good with all the food additive flavorings they put in there.  I had no idea...
Whenever I find myself thinking a cig smells good, I try to think of what a tarnished lung smells like. Mmmm, tarnished lung.  Not.

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Oh, yeah, that groovy smell. One particular brand that's tooted as being All Natural, nothing but tobacco, actually offers for a buck or so more a cousin grown in completely organic soil. To my nose at least, just two weeks off the weed, the all natural and the completely organic smell as bad as anything else on the shelves. LOL.
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It's like the chemical engineers and big tobacco put their heads together to design the perfect nicotine delivery device, Of course now they will have to go back to the drawing board. The new laws, second-hand smoke information, and the current graphic ads are making smoking more socially unacceptable than ever. I don't know why, but sometimes the smell of cigarettes is so bad it nearly makes me sick, and other times it smells appealing. Possibly it's the additives in the different brands. This is another great example of knowledge is power. I love learning, thanks for the info. I know that no matter how pleasant or inticing a cigarette might smell, there is nothing that can make me put all those chemicals back in my body. Keep it on the outside. NTAP. Neal