Cigarette Smoke Smell Good? It's not by accident.

Subconscious use cue extinguishment
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I thought I was crazy- after having an asthma attack and taking a puff on an inhaler, I would then rush to light up (sick sick sick).

Now I just puff on the inhaler, and get good oxygen into those sad lungs! NTAP


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Even if it stills smells good....
From Actions speak louder than words - or thought :
A thought for a cigarette will never cause a person to go back to smoking-only an action can do that. The action is a puff on a cigarette or any administration of nicotine from any source for that matter.
Never take another puff!
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Yuk! The thought of all that junk going into my lungs makes me feel ill.

I find what the tobacco companies have done to trap smokers into an endless cesspit of smoking totally immoral and disgraceful. How can those people live with themselves? As for government efforts toward controlling the smoking plague, do they really want to lose the tax dollars they receive from poor nicotine addicts??
Really gets me fired up.

Yippee for us!

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"My" cig brand in the past was SG Filtro (portuguese) 30 years of those
Two years ago the pesticide dieldrin was found in its composition, which motivated a serious debate here in Pt. We all got scared with this contaminant residue - one to add every other cancer causing component.
On the 9th November 2004 the Portuguese Government ordered the removal of the packs where the contaminant, forbidden in the EU, was found. Just that! The contaminated cigs had been sold since May 2004.
How I'm sorry for all this, I'm sorry for those who smoke and shame on nicotine dealers! And I'm sorry I have to take it second hand
After reading this thread again I strengthen my resolve to Never Take Another Puff! Not a single one


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I can not believe I was so willing to put all that stuff in my body for so long. I never knew they were sooooooo evil. Bad yes but not so bad as to make sure my body absorbed as much of the poison as humanly possible. Well I know I will NEVER take another puff.
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If smoke is smelling good to you it does not mean anything other than that the smoke smells good to you.

Remember the truth, remember why you quit, remember that smoking maims and kills, remember that you are free and healing.

Remember to never take another puff!


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From: Gormo-Gold Sent: 7/29/2003 10:35 PM

Y'know, even after 10 months Quit, a freshly lit cigareete's smell does appeal to me. I smoked for over 30 years, so I've got triggers that go back a long way.

But all I have to remember is the results of that smell.

Raw throat, chest tightness, muscle pain. Cigarette hangovers the next morning. Clothes that smell like bars at 2 AM. Pounding headaches. Death breath. Burnt eyeballs. Holes in my clothes. The inabilty to take a flight of stairs.

I like the smell of gasoline too. But I don't ingest it.

I'll pass.

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I am really angry.
This post was an absolute revelation to me.

amberleaf my former nicotin delivery device.

contains: star anise, all spice, cinnamon, corinader, celery oil, honey
I love asian and indian food

contains: rum, cognac,coffee and cocoa
guess what! i love them too

contains: geranium oil
guess what! i love the smell of geraniums since i was a liitle boy( my dad who dided from cancer used to grow them.

contains: Tartrazine
WHICH.....................GUESS WHAT............I AM VERY ALERGIC TOO.




My name is matthew gurney, and I am a nicotine addict.
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This post had me almost in tears. I am so angry at tobacco companies. I am sitting here having a hard time breathing for over a week now. I always new I had asthma but it is really bad now that I quit. And I just found this information out now? But the truth is I wouldnt have quit even knowing because i am an addict. But since I have put my mind to quitting and am aware and listing now to the facts about smoking I am so glad that I have quit and am no longer a slave to these companies that need to be shut down. (Time to make a doctors appointment for my breathing) I was hoping to wait till around three months quit just hoping it would get better. I am only 34 (young for emphazima) but still scared to find out I might have it.

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I heard they put saltpetere (an ingredient of gunpowder) in the papers to make them burn better. Remember the little 'explosions' you sometimes got from a lit ciggie?

What a lovely product we've freed ourselves from

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It really doesn't smell that good anymore - I'd rather smell my cat's litter box (Ingredients: Clay, cat pee).

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Holy chihuahua!!  It's no wonder fresh cigs smell good with all the food additive flavorings they put in there.  I had no idea...
Whenever I find myself thinking a cig smells good, I try to think of what a tarnished lung smells like. Mmmm, tarnished lung.  Not.

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Oh, yeah, that groovy smell. One particular brand that's tooted as being All Natural, nothing but tobacco, actually offers for a buck or so more a cousin grown in completely organic soil. To my nose at least, just two weeks off the weed, the all natural and the completely organic smell as bad as anything else on the shelves. LOL.
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It's like the chemical engineers and big tobacco put their heads together to design the perfect nicotine delivery device, Of course now they will have to go back to the drawing board. The new laws, second-hand smoke information, and the current graphic ads are making smoking more socially unacceptable than ever. I don't know why, but sometimes the smell of cigarettes is so bad it nearly makes me sick, and other times it smells appealing. Possibly it's the additives in the different brands. This is another great example of knowledge is power. I love learning, thanks for the info. I know that no matter how pleasant or inticing a cigarette might smell, there is nothing that can make me put all those chemicals back in my body. Keep it on the outside. NTAP. Neal