“Boy, do I miss smoking!”

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I made a comment to a thread on Carrying Cigarettes and which has direct bearing to this one of Missing smoking and feeling Deprived.
An excellent thread in the archives "No thank you, I can't have a cigarette also had full meaning for me : You don't give up cigarette smoking, you get rid of it.

Free & Healing,

Stopped Smoking for Twenty Eight Days, 19 Hours and 4 Minutes, by avoiding the use of 950 nicotine delivery devices. Quit Day : 09/10/2009.
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Hi Joel!
Boy did I need to find this thread on this website today...right this very moment! I woke up full of anxiety today and couldn't seem to get it to pass...chewed gummed till my jaw hurt, talked on the phone, surfed the web and then started thinking...if only I could have one cig just to get me through this awful feeling that keeps overcoming me at moments throughout the day. I started reasoning that smoking would be better for me than if I had to start taking some anti-anxiety prescription the rest of my life and probably become addicted to that. Then, I thought after several hours of this torment...why don't I go on that website I haven't visited in a while and see if I can find something that will encourage me and help me through and I found this article. It didn't take the anxiety away completely, but it helped me remember what it would really be like after the initial "aaaahhh" moment. It reminded me of how far I had come after reading several posts and this article in particular. I was wondering....is there a time on this side of all of this that this anxious feeling completely goes away??? If so, how long usually? So thankful this sight is up and there for me at any time of day for me and the support I so desperately need at times! I have told so many of this site! Thanks for the site and the constant maintenance to it. I know it takes a lot of time and it is greatly appreciated!! NTAP! Nicotine free for 42 days!!

I have stopped nicotine for 1 month, 11 days, 21 hours, 58 minutes and 30 seconds (42 days).I've not smoked 858 death sticks, and saved $257.95. I've saved 2 days, 23 hours and 31 minutes of my life.

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From above:

Make sure to read all the posts in this string. You have to stop fantasizing about how nice it would be to have a cigarette and really focus on what it was truly like to be a smoker. Not smoking will never be as good as the fantasy of smoking, but smoking will be a real nightmare compared to the fantasy life you are likely making up around smoking. See cigarettes for what they were and what they were doing and you will never question your initial decision to never take another puff!


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I am so glad I found this thread this evening.  I have been longing for a cigarette for the last few days and after reading all the posts here I can now see what a irrational thought that really is.  To be in love with nicotine is insane.  To long for something that was killing me.  I could hardly breathe just walking down my hall in my house when I was smoking.  Thank you all for your posts and most of all  Thank you Joel for this program.  "I was blind and now I see" cigarettes for what they really are. "Killers".  I am resolved to   "Never take another puff."

Image I have been quit for 1M 1W 6D 15m (43 days). I have saved $451.60 by not smoking 1,505 cigarettes. I have saved 5D 5h 25m of my life. My Quit Date: 5/29/2010 10:01 PM

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it has been 6 months today for me... and i have become a little too complacent with not smoking... 

I have been quit for 6 Months, 55 minutes and 48 seconds (181 days). I have saved $905.19 by not smoking 3,620 cigarettes. I have saved 1 Week, 5 Days, 13 hours and 40 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 1/13/2010 16:10
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Glad I found this thread - helped a lot.  Not got over this feeling of needing a cigarette but going to keep reading.  I know my balance has been disturbed by outside factors but after 7 months of nicotine free my quit  is too valuable.  So thanks everyone and keeping on reading. 

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Yes I realise why I do not miss smoking. NTAP
 Thanks Joel Image

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Thank You for this post, really needed it today!  This site is awesome, always helps me- Not take another puff.