Being locked up to quit smoking

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Joel has been helping me prepare to present effective cessation seminars to prisoners in institutions that are going tobacco-free and this thread was part of my assigned reading. Yes, even after seven and a half years of studying under him he keeps drilling us with lessons ; )
Anyway, today I called the most renouned inpatient smoking cessation program in the U.S. to ask their rate and was told that their 7 day stay was $5,000. I'm hoping to get a small chuckle by pointing out that folks are paying big bucks to get locked up so they can quit smoking when they're getting it for free. In all seriousness, it's a challenging population as about one-third of inmates at my first stop are either in for life or on death row and what motived many here to quit may not be as important to them.
I did stumble upon an interesting fact that I'm still finding hard to digest. It demonstrates how stopping and quitting are two different things when looking a prisons compelling cessation by banning tobacco and or nicotine products. It's the fact that in at least one study, 97% of inmates released from a prison that had banned smoking had relapsed to smoking within 6 months of release.
Source: ... nck#123155, citing: Tuthill RW, Lincoln T, Conklin TJ, Kennedy S, Hammett TM, Roberts CA. "Does involuntary cigarette smoking abstinence among inmates during correctional incarceration result in continued abstinence post release?" (poster). 26th National Conference on Correctional Health Care, Nashville, Tennessee, October 21, 2002.[/size]
But that 97% relapse rate leaves a mountain of room for improvement and I'm convinced what we teach here can have a significant impact upon those living in a state of double captivity. Still just one rule for each of us .... no nicotine today!
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