Being Honest About Our Addiction

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Image First you read this. Then you stop and think about any cravings you may have had recently (especially with the season changes) and you have to be amazed. How strong this addiction must be to make us believe that drawing smoke into our lungs is pleasuarable at such a cost. Even at no cost how can sucking smoke in your lungs be pleasurable? Wierd. Wierd...that's the only word I can come up with. Image

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Kat- you hit it right on the head about the season changes. Every season change has brought a serious round of triggers and craves to me. Very does show how serious this addiction puff and it's all over,
Thanks for this no nonsense post.
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Wow, did this post hit home. I was in the hospital last year for four days and during every waking hour, was trying to figure out how I could sneak out of the hospital for a smoke, with an iv in my arm....well the third day I figured it out and guess what? Other people were out there with iv's in there arms too and we were all complaining about how you just can't smoke anywhere that is pathetic!!
Thanks for the thread...I'll take a little craving any day, rather than to go back to that kind of junky thinking.

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Being a member of this group or receiving support from this or any group does not guarantee success. Only one thing guarantees success for the nicotine addict.
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Why fear coming home to a place were we go entire days without once wanting to use because that's what drug addicts do.   To quote from an email we received yesterday from Andy in Singapore:
"I now know why we have failed repeatedly on previous occasions to stop smoking. We were obsessed in contending with the reasons why we should - must - give up smoking. An addict - any kind of addict - will know that the concept of logic has no appeal to the mind. From a biological perspective, the brain is the very organ that has been made subject to this wild circular dopamine chase - how can it be expected to make any logical and intelligent decision in relation to all things nicotine? By simply shifting the focus to questioning the reasons why there is a NEED for us to smoke, and with a clear answer to that question, the rest will follow as a matter of course. Voila!"   Andy

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Incredible how this rings true to all of us. This will reinforce my Quit, 4 weeks today, and now stronger than ever.. i thank you