Be prepared to hear some confusing information

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From above:

It is time to get ready for the possible New Years media assault on how to quit smoking. While this piece was written for the Great American Smokeout, New Years is when there is actually more coverage on smoking and quitting issues, and thus it is more likely that a lot of contradictory information will be disseminated. Don't get confused by the "facts" and don't lose sight of the real way to quit and prevent relapse permanently--it is as simple and inexpensive as just knowing to never take another puff!


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ImageBe prepared to see some rather wild replacement nicotine commericals as lozenges that dissolve three times faster start being sold in 27 unit dose packets that are more akin to packs of cigarettes.   It isn't hard to see what's happening as pharm industry nicotine feels the heat of escalating e-cigarette sales and begins going head to head with tobacco industry nicotine.  It won't be long before the gloves come off entirely and pharm replacement nicotine is sold beside tobacco industry replacement nicotine.  Yep, it's all about replacement.   Still just one rule to stay here on the non-replacement side of the bars  ... no nicotine today!

Breathe deep, hug hard, live long,

John (Gold x10) 

GSK takes smoking cessation
to a new level with mini lozenge[/color] By Michael Johnsen

PARSIPPANY, N.J. (Apr. 27) GlaxoSmithKline announced Tuesday the launch of its new Nicorette Mini Lozenge, a smaller smoking cessation lozenge that dissolves three times faster than stop-smoking lozenges currently on the market, to U.S. retail healthcare centers. The lozenges will be lined-priced with existing smoking cessation products and will be sold as three small vials each containing 27 lozenges.

The new mini lozenge is expected to drive incremental growth to the category, suggested Roger Scarlett-Smith, in an interview with Drug Store News, because the smaller lozenge size actually satisfies different usage scenarios. “It’s an opportunity for people to use it in a more situational way,” Scarlett-Smith said. For example, the small vials can be discreetly carried in a pocket for the person “on the go.”

And because there are three vials per package, they can be strategically placed in trouble areas for the person attempting to quit smoking, i.e., in the glove compartment box for a person inclined to smoke while driving.

“Smoking is an addiction, and when trying to quit, smokers may need help to address physical nicotine cravings as well as behavior change,” stated Drew Pinsky, the addiction expert featured on VH1’s Celebrity Rehab who has agreed to help promote the product. “Products, like the new Nicorette Mini Lozenge, can help address the physical symptoms associated with quitting.”

As part of the launch, GSK is launching a “Mini Moments” contest on its new Nicorette Facebook page at www.Facebook/ The page is designed to help connect smokers interested in quitting, allowing them to provide each other with support throughout the quitting process. The contest offers them the chance to win an opportunity to meed addiction expert Dr. Drew.

Dr. Drew also will be promoting the Mini Moments campaign to his 1.9 million Twitter followers.

GSK plans to fold advertising of its Nicorette Mini Lozenge into its “Quitting **** … Nicorette helps it **** less” campaign with some updated television spots. The campaign takes a slightly different tact than traditional smoking cessation advertisements — instead of warning smokers of the health consequences associated with smoking, the “Quitting ****” campaign speaks more to the benefits. “What we really wanted to do was advertising that was for smokers but against smoking,” Scarlett-Smith said.

In addition to the launch of the new Mini Lozenge offering, GSK will also be rebranding its line of Commit lozenges under the Nicorette banner, meaning now all of GSK’s smoking cessation lozenge and gum products will be branded Nicorette.

Story Source Link

© 2010 Drug Store News
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Today is the Great American Smoke Out Day. I must say that I have not really heard any increase in advertisements or discussion in my local area. If I didn't know that the designated day was always one week before Thanksgiving and I didn't pay attention to the Internet, I would not know it was happening today. So at least in the Chicago area there does not seem to be the constant onslaught of misinformation that usually gets disseminated at this point in time.

Depending on where you live though there may be marketing campaigns of misinformation instructing people that they have to buy products or pay for services in order to be able to successfully quit smoking. We want to make sure that all of our readers know that the only thing that people need to "buy" in order to quit is to buy into the idea that they smoke because they are nicotine addicts and to successfully break free and stay free from the nicotine addiction now is as simple and inexpensive as just knowing to never take another puff.


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Today is the Great American Smoke Out Day. I am Canadian, but today, I want to thank everyone who have tirelessly volunteered at From Nicotine site(s), promoting Cold Turkey Cessation from nicotine. I have in the past, bought into advertising and suggestions to use NTR products, which no doubt added decades of smoking during my lifetime. My first experience with nicotine gum was 30 years ago in Canada, before I believe it was available States side. Then, years of trying the patch, then finally 3 unsuccessful attempts with a medication that is touted to block the nicotine receptor sites, while one continues to smoke, until quitting is supposed to be with decreased withdrawal symptoms. Each of these unnamed products produced no lasting quits. What they did do is help promote my continued smoking, as after all I was trying to quit. That must be doing something good for me right? As a remaining unnamed National Canadian Agency on smoking related diseases are fond of stating, "Each time a person attempts a quit, they are one time closer to quitting". Phooey!  It just perpetuated my smoking!

So again, thank you everyone, for remaining true to promoting only Cold Turkey Cessation, and successfully being instrumental in procuring, a lasting quit for me.

In Gratitude,



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[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]Great American Smokeout Thursday: [/font]
[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]Help Your Smoker Quit [/font]

Image[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]Thursday November 17th is the 36th Great American Smokeout. It's a golden opportunity to gift wrap and hand smoking friends and loved ones the one quitting method they've likely never tried: a detailed understanding of their chemical dependency and the insights needed to arrest it. [/font]

[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]Two free quit smoking books are available for download, printing and gift wrapping at WhyQuit, the nation's [/font]#1 "nicotine cessation" forum[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF] among 1.4 million Google search results. [/font]

[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]"[/font]Never Take Another Puff[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]" was written by Joel Spitzer, who has counseled smokers full-time since 1972 and is America's most quoted cessation educator. His free book has recorded more than 2 million downloads. [/font]

[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]"[/font]Freedom from Nicotine - The Journey Home[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]" was written by John R. Polito, the 1999 founder of WhyQuit and a former 30-year heavy smoker. It was released in January. [/font]

[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]Ask yourself, what learning takes place by swallowing a pill, slapping on a patch, chewing gum, sucking a lozenge, being hypnotized, stuck with needles or pierced by lasers? [/font]

[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]Investing the time needed to print and gift wrap the only quit smoking book your smoking friend or loved one has likely ever received, pretty much assures that your gift will be read. [/font]

[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]Why expect our friends and loved ones to quit in ignorance and darkness? Why not hand them the insights that turn on the lights? [/font][font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]
[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]Knowledge isn't just power. It's a quitting method.  [/font]Education is a Quitting Method

Great American Smoke Out Hijacked

[font=ARIAL, GEORGIA, 'TIMES NEW ROMAN', TIMES, SERIF]No Copyright - Public Domain - For Immediate Release[/font]
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With World No Tobacco Day almost upon us:
Be prepared to hear some confusing information (The original post in this string)
Breaking free from nicotine's grip is more doable than most people think
Problems and limitations with the use of NRT's (Since you may be seeing a greater boost in the promotion of these products for the next few days)
Link to Joel's Videos Related to Quitting Aids

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Joel Spitzer
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With another World No Tobacco Day starting up in parts of the world now, thought it would be good to highlight this thread. As the above video discusses, I don't put a lot of hope into these "special" days doing much for reducing the number of nicotine addicts in the world, as their educational components if they exist at all seem to be more designed to transfer delivery methods of nicotine. But a few more people may be finding their way to our resources today, and for them I thought it would be good to start them off with the following video:

How to quit smoking


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Another Great American Smoke Out (or what I think should really be named, The Great American Sell Out) is upon us. 

Here is a link to this years annual commentary from John of this event:  Thursday's Great American Quit Smoking Sham