Are there "social smokers?"

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Along this thread - I have also known some cigar smoking friends of mine who will smoke a cigar occasionally while playing golf.  The thing is - they never smoked cigarettes and never became addicted.  Truly a social smoker. The risk comes in thinking that an addict, such as I, can change delivery methods of nicotine in order to achieve non-addicted smoking status.  This will never work for me - I know because I've tried!  I make a rule like - "I'll only smoke cigars, and only on special occasions".  Then it becomes - "I'll only smoke cigars when I get home from work" - then "I'll only smoke at night - 2 Maximum".  I eventually found myself needing to smoke a cigarette becuase it was less abrasive on my throat than the cigars I was smoking!!!

Imagining a world where a nicotine addict can be a social smoker is a deception that we must never succomb to.

I think I need to box up my cigars and send them to my social smoking friend - at least then I know I'm not feeding someone's addiction!

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I guess there will always be a handful of people in the world who can use an addictive substance whenever and however they choose. I almost wish there weren't.

We addicts tend to hold those rarities up as a shining example of the kind of smoker we could be too. Of course, if I could have controlled how and when I smoked, I sure as heck would have been doing it all along.

It's nice to learn the secret truly being in control of smoking. (Hint: It's what Joel said, NTAP)

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I just watched Joel (one of my heros) in two videos ( went looking for the social smokers one) - "Are there social smokers?" video and (right up next to it) "I don't need to smoke" great for me to see right now, 2 months and 6 days on my road to freedom. I smoked for 18 years, quit for 20 years and smoked again for 13 years. When I quit the first time I was basically chain smoking, 3+ packs a day, non filtered cigarettes. When I started again, thinking I could be a social smoker, I smoked a filter cigarette,  I got up to 1 - 1 1/2 pack a day, "controlling"  my smoking never reaching even 2 packs. This was a challenge for me and I considered it a success but also a failure in the "social smoker" department.

Right now I feel calm, I am "armed and dangerous" as they say, the knowledge I have found here, and the support of those who are totally free (as I once was, though unaware that I was an addict waiting to begin again) has been invaluable in my last and final quit. Over the last 13 years I have attempted to quit many times, never getting to far.

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