Another slant on how to watch people smoke

Another slant on how to watch people smoke

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Recently, a successful graduate called me complaining that she needed a cigarette. When I inquired as to why she needed to smoke, she said that there were many problems at work and she felt that a cigarette would calm her down and make her better able to cope with the current sutuation. She went on to explain that the woman who sits across from her is always smoking which futher enhances her cravings to take a cigarette.

I asked her to describe the lady who was always smoking around her. She said, "She is a co-worker who is really neurotic. She is always a nervous wreck. We have the same boss, and he is the source of much of our tension."

There seemed to be a great inconsistency in her story. She needed to smoke so she could calm down. She saw this lady smoking which made her feel the need to smoke even more. I could understand if her smoking companion was always calm and tranquil when confronted with unbearable stress. But to the contrary, "She was NEUROTIC". It was apparent in her case that cigarettes were not an effective stress reducing technique. Upon realizing the simple inconsistency in her story, she laughed and realized that cigarettes were no answer to dealing with her stress.

Often when an ex-smoker sees another person smoking, they wish they too could have a cigarette. They may automatically think how much the person is enjoying that cigarette. The fact often is that the person may not like the particular cigarette or even realize they are smoking it. They are simply maintaining a deadly addiction, trying to avoid nicotine withdrawal.

Ex-smokers should consider how while they were still smoking they used to envy people who quit cigarettes. No matter which situation you are in, a smoker observing an ex-smoker or visa versa, the other side has its appeal. The ex-smoker has the great advantage. The ex-smoker can go back to smoking any time she wishes. The smoker cannot always quit. The ex-smoker will go hours, days and eventually weeks without thinking of a cigarette. The smoker is constantly reminded by family, friends and associates of their socially offensive habit.

So, next time you observe a helpless smoker maintaining this deadly habit, have pity on them. If they ask how you kicked it, share with them the philosophies we taught you. That may be all the assistance they need. If they need more help, they can always come to see us.

We wish you luck in helping those closest to you quit this dangerous addiction. Once they break free, always reinforce the one concept which can guarantee continued success in staying free from cigarettes. Make sure they understand to Never Take Another Puff.

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Joel, "The Palmolive Bottle" has been a great help when watching other smoke but this article really hits home. I believe many of us feel "deprived", especially when we watch others who are still "able" to smoke. Your post helps to remind me of what I am now "deprived". I no longer "get" to spend my time, money, and health on nicotine. I no longer "get" those dirty looks from non smokers. I no longer "get" to suffer from withdrawals in between cigarettes. And most important for me: I no longer "get" to live my double life as a smoker, sneaking, lying, hiding, and covering up my addiciton. Gee, how "lucky" those people are that still "get" to smoke.

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Yes I agree with Candy's referral to the "The Palmolive Bottle" . With that in mind most of us need to bring down the stress levels that we are feeling, cos its this tension that leads us to fantasizing about having a smoke to break the stress ( a catch 22 situation)

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If those cigarettes were so enjoyable, why is it that so often I wasn't sure if I had smoked one or not? Hmmmm Image

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I am really happy to have come across this message while reading today. At just short of 9 days nicotine free I had been feeling a little envious of my smoking friends. After reading this I now realize that they are wishing that they could quit and I no longer envy them!!! I know I am not missing anything good. Thanks so much.

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I sat outside with a friend of mine that smokes. I watched him closely. I watched him take a deep drag, I smelled the smoke, even outside, I watched him coughing and coughing, and continuing to smoke, I watched him watch me and ask himself how I did it, how did I quit? I don't miss smoking at all.

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One thing I have noticed myself doing is watching people smoke. I keep telling myself you used to look like that. NOT PRETTY! I ask myself, "Do you miss that?" NO WAY! Watching these people inhale my lungs hurt!
I've been enjoying my FREEDOM and I know it would be pretty tough for me to give this up.
"I'd rather be an ex-smoker who has an occasional thought about smoking than a smoker obsessing about quitting."
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Thank you for the great discussions you've had today....this being one of the 3 I've read today....being short on time I couldn't say "here, here" to each one but I really enjoy the postings I've read here and am thankful that I have been nicotine free for 6 days, 6 hours without headache, upset stomache, or crave!!! Best information source ever!!!

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ImageWow, another great group of threads, just what I needed to read today.
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It's like watching someone shoot up... Only they are blind and don't know it's a needle. NEVER let your fixations, passing desires, or even triggers get in the way of sharing your struggle and victory with a nicotine addict.