Another slant on how to watch people smoke

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I used to be like that

Being tempted watching others smoke

The 'joy' of smoking

The above links highlight the valuable reinforcement you can get by really watching and analyzing others who still smoke.

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Often when an ex-smoker sees another person smoking, they wish they too could have a cigarette. They may automatically think how much the person is enjoying that cigarette. The fact often is that the person may not like the particular cigarette or even realize they are smoking it. They are simply maintaining a deadly addiction, trying to avoid nicotine withdrawal.

Ex-smokers should consider how while they were still smoking they used to envy people who quit cigarettes. No matter which situation you are in, a smoker observing an ex-smoker or visa versa, the other side has its appeal. The ex-smoker has the great advantage. The ex-smoker can go back to smoking any time she wishes. The smoker cannot always quit. The ex-smoker will go hours, days and eventually weeks without thinking of a cigarette. The smoker is constantly reminded by family, friends and associates of their socially offensive habit.

So, next time you observe a helpless smoker maintaining this deadly habit, have pity on them. If they ask how you kicked it, share with them the philosophies we taught you. That may be all the assistance they need. If they need more help, they can always come to see us.

We wish you luck in helping those closest to you quit this dangerous addiction. Once they break free, always reinforce the one concept which can guarantee continued success in staying free from cigarettes. Make sure they understand to Never Take Another Puff.

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Has anyone seen the anti-smoking commercial with the rat constantly going to the water bottle for a drink?  It totally reminds me of my friend--going outside again and again for another fix.  I used to be just like fact, that's how we all used to be, going back for dose after dose of this life killing drug.  It's never's like putting beads on a string with no knot at the end.  Thank God we saw the light. 

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Thanks for a good article, Joel, on looking at smokers. I had to admit there are times I watch someone smoking and wish I could have one. Then of course, i know that this poor smoker goes on smoking day in and day out, never getting any respite from the demand for nicotine, and all the awful things I remember from that.

So why is there any appeal? I know I quit smoking for very, very good reasons and I so hated cigarettes at the end that I can't even find words for it. Because our marvelous minds allow us to forget things in order to move on with our lives, we also run the risk of misusing this gift. The appeal of the smoker is the fantasy of smoking -- not the smoking itself, but the fantasy addicts entertain from time to time.

Well then. From time to time I entertain the notion of having a different life, different hair, a different job. I think about it, muse upon it, and let it go. Now I do that with smoking. Let the 'fantasy'idea run through my mind and then simply acknowledge that it's a fantasy. When I shift to the reality of what smoking was in my life, it's easy to let it all go.

Each day it gets easier. Life IS better on this side of the bars. Thanks for a good look at watching people smoke.

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