Actions speak louder than words—or thought.

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I really like this one, very powerful.


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Someone on this site said somewhere (can't remember who or where, I still got that foggy head sometimes) Image that:
There is no Try
There is Do, and Not Do

The quote was from ... Yoda

I love it. It says what Joel is saying up the top of this page. We have to just not smoke, no matter how much we think about it, talk about it, worry about it, write about it. Just 'Not Do' a Puff. Ever.

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Actions speak louder than words - or thought - "A thought for a cigarette will never cause a person to go back to smoking-only an action can do that. The action is a puff on a cigarette or any administration of nicotine from any source for that matter."

Hi Quit Buddies! I saw some posts for preparing for the first weekend and I remembered this one. It really touched my heart when I was experiencing my "first weekends". I hope it encourages all who are experiencing their first weekend or "first weekends".


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Only the action of putting nicotine into your body is going to cause you to relapse.

A smoking dream has no power unless you turn it into reality.

Never take another puff, dip, chew, or any form of nicotine in your waking life and your healing will continue. Image

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Words to listen to instead of relapse words: Never take another puff.

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Thoughts or dreams will not cause you to relapse, Only ACTION - ingesting nicotine by some method - will cause relapse and forfieture of your control of your addiction dependency & hard-won freedom.

Relapse doesn't 'just happen'. It is ALWAYS a conscious decision to administer nicotine by any of the many creative and convenient methods readily available to nicotine addicts everywhere. Justification is another word for excuse.

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