Acknowledge the negative--but dwell on the positive

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That is very well said and so true.
In my previous quit attempts I have been concentrating on my 'suffering', being sad about loosing something. Example, when others had a cigarette break after lunch, I would be thinking that I can't join them anymore. Every time when urge for a cigarette became strong I would listen to that and in a way make the wanting to smoke into something important.
This quit (day 8 today) has been different from the very first hour. I have conciously been extremly positive and have decided to simply ignore anything which appears negative. Because there is nothing negative about quitting this deadly ugly nasty addiction!!! By quitting smoking I can only win, short term and especially long term. Now I have acknowledged every little thing which has been good: already the first morning I didn't have that horrible taste in the mouth, the skin looks healthier already after this first week, my clothes don't smell, I can meet with nonsmoking friends without worrying about how and when to get nicotine, I can actually enjoy a movie without taking cigarette breaks, on. There are so many things to be happy about - big and small. It has helped me a lot during this week to remember that.

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Image My sentiments EXACTLY!

Lisa - Free and Healing for Eighteen Days, 14 Hours and 55 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 18 Hours, by avoiding the use of 223 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me $39.14.

Sal GOLD.ffn
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You have achieved freedom from nicotine and now it's all about adjusting and learning to live without that constant nicotine fix.

That is such an incredibly positive fact.

No matter what is going on in your day always remember that you are free.

Adjusting is doable, one trigger, one crave, one day at a time.

Keep on educating your brain, keep on acknowledging your freedom.

Never stop celebrating!

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Thanks to everyone involved in this site.

I am feeling very positive about this, my forever quit.

The negatives are so appalling it proves how powerful nicotine is that so many ppl continue to suffer.

I will suffer no more.

Sharon x (quit for good 4/12/06)

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ImageAll we have to do is never take another puff, and BELIEVE those who climb ahead of us that it does get better and better. I for one can attest to that so try to stay on the positive road to FREEDOM!

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Thankyou Joel and everyone else who posted here

Im in my 3rd week and was struggling a little this week...not with the temptation to smoke amazingly, but with how to 'enjoy' life without a cigarette.  Just reading this has given me a new sense of hope and excitement and I look forward to viewing my next 3 weeks through a more positive lense.

Because even in the beginning you can look at each crave as a sign that your bodies healing...and that's exactly what it is. Each crave you've conquered is just another sign to your body that you aren't going to put up with the nicotine anymore...and little by little you work your way to total comfort.

Zed x
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I fine myself think "OK I do not like doing this any more because I would smoke while doing so" my first long drive to work I had such a negitive feeling after I did so because I felt it was so hard to do.

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The longer I am nicotine free,the more positive I have become. The fog is slowly lifting and nicotine grasp on me is weakening everyday. Day 22 and still finding my way, but starting to enjoy the benifits.