Acknowledge the negative--but dwell on the positive

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You couldn't do a more positive thing for yourself.

Personally, it hasn't been easy, but the solid focus, and educational tools here at Freedom have made me so much stronger, and that attitude is affecting my whole life for the better. As far as I am concerned, there are NO negatives about quitting smoking.......only TEMPORARY discomfort.

I want to thank Joel, and all here at freedom, for helping me to gain MY freedom.

Peach X

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Regardless of whether the next few minutes are the most comfortable yet or in the end prove to have been the most challenging of your entire recovery, they are 100% doable! Whichever moment does in the end prove to have been your most challenging of your recovery will likely someday be looked back upon with a deep sense of pride. As one of our members once reminded us, "it's our birthright to be free" and there's only one rule - no nicotine - Never Take Another Puff! John

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I guess my double green victory post can go here as well:

Hi everyone,

2 has been 2 month since I have quit :). A bumpy road locking back, many tears and mood swings...but clean lungs, no more ashtray breath and no more evenings in the garage. No more whistle sounds from my hurting lungs when I lay in more guilt feelings to myself and the abuse I put my body through. Yes many times the addict in me wanted to go back...there were inner struggles...times I thought perhaps I should do it "later" when I am stronger. But I am here today...2 month smoke free...happy every time I see an ad on TV about things that help you quit smoking...because I already did it:)

I feel free !!!


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Thanks Joel,

I like to embrace the positive attitude, as well. If we could learn to smile instead of mourn , every time we crave a cigarette, we will find the job gets easier and easier. Personally, I am learning to do just as you say "acknowledge the negative and dwell on the positive".
I'm learning to love my life. Thanks Joel and everyone who make "Freedom" a great place to be. I come here to dwell on the positive effects this journey will have on my life.
One month, two weeks, one day, 14 hours, 43 minutes and 30 seconds. 1864 cigarettes not smoked, saving $269.18. Life saved: 6 days, 11 hours, 20 minutes.

Toast (GOLD )
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"Regardless of whether the next few minutes
are the most comfortable yet or
in the end prove to have been
the most challenging of your entire recovery,
they are 100% doable!"

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Negative: Head's fuzzy, I didn't sleep well last night, and I've had several strong cravings today. Image


Positive: This is the temporary healing that comes with the wonderful decision I finally made. There's comfort in my future, I don't stink, and this gift I'm giving myself is going to contribute to my health and longevity. Despite some discomfort today, I haven't been forced to take my hourly poisons, and what an enormous accomplishment that is after 20 years of slavery.Image And, it's only going to get better!


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Image Thank you for this one today OBob!

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This is really good advice!! It's so simple and yet so easy to forget. Great reminder...
Negative: last night I went through craving after craving, and questioned my strength. Image
Positive: I made it through all of that!! Image Today was much better. I actually had someone tell me I smelled good! I can't remember the last time that happened! Usually, I smell like cigarettes, but not anymore. My breathing is getting better and I'm not constantly feeling guilty about having just smoked a cigarette! I can focus on other things, like arriving to school on time instead of taking every last minute to fit a cigarette in before some event.
I have been free from nicotine for 6 Days 9 Hours 15 Minutes 45 Seconds.
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Image a favorite of mine. This thought helped me to get where I am today in my quit. It's a short , simple thought that is easy to grasp , but says it all. Put it together with never take another puff and you have a win win situation. Image
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Negative: Moody, cranky, ready to rip my fellow humans' heads off, gaining weight.

Positive: Someone at work today asked me how long it had been since I quit. I was able to proudly tell him: "Three months and almost a week!" with a big old grin on my face.

FYI, all that negative stuff (well, except for the slight weight gain, which I'm working on) was within the first week or so of quitting. While I have had my triggers and stress every day, none of it matters, because I already know that smoking will just make it worse!

Feelin' good at 3 months+,