4 Decades Of Lies! (First Post Journal)

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Neal,Brilliant, just brilliant.Image
I saved a copy of your story on my laptop. So powerful, so insightful...I know I will be reading your words often. 
Congratulations on becoming BRONZE!!! In the words of Billy Crystal, "You look mahvelous!"

48 days of freedom and healing! 

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Thank you Jeff, Lisa, Craig, Laura, Wendy, Endura, Stella, and Lara. You really made turning bronze a party to remember. Your kind words and thoughts always touch me. Keep it where it belongs, on the outside. YQB Neal - Quit all the lies on 1/9/11.

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Hi Neal
Sorry I'm late - been away.
Congratulations on getting to the three month mark. Six months and a year will follow for you too, I'm sure. You know now that we lived a lie and that education makes all the difference.
Enjoy the new you.

All the best

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No worries, your not late, I'm looking forward to celebrating Bronze for the next three months, each and every day. Neal

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I'm one week short of 4 months. Time has been flying, it seems like I turned bronze yesterday. Each day has been uneventful on my journey to Freedom. I still come on the site often, but not as much as I used to. I noticed on my quit meter that I have saved $560 so far. I'm getting paid to feel good!! I like reading the journals and supporting the newer members as time allows. I don't want to forget what quitting was like in the early days. Hope everyone has a great nicotine free day. NTAP. Neal

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After over four decades of being a slave to nicotine, today I reach four months of Freedom. With spring and summer upon us I still occasionally have smoking thoughts as I encounter situations for the first time as a non-smoker. These thoughts literally only last one or two seconds, as I quickly replace them with "none today, one = all, or NTAP". I have really been enjoying all the extra time, money, and energy I have since getting rid of all the nicotine. I don't ever want to go back to where I was. Neal - Quit all the lies on 1/9/11

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Neal, you are doing a great job being an example for others as well as providing support.  Thank you for your commitment to NTAP!

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I got hit with some shocking news between the 4th and 5th month of my quit.  The good news is that I have remained, and will remain nicotine free.  5/24 - During a routine Doctor's visit I mentioned a swollen lymph node on my neck.  I had an ultrasound performed on my neck.  6/2 - I was experiencing shortness of breath and had a chest X-Ray performed and a C.T. scan performed to follow up on the ultrasound.  6/3 - The chest x-ray showed my left lung had a tumor and the chest cavity was filling with fluid, the CT scan showed small nodules around my lymph node and thyroid, I was admitted to the hospital.  6/3 , 6/4 - A barrage of addition tests were peformed, they did C.T. scans all over my body looking for any additional spreading of the cancer.  The fluid was drained from around my left lung, and a biopsy was permormed on the fluid as well as one of the tumors found in my belly.  I remained in the hospital for an additional week while they continued draining fluid from my lung and awaited results from the biopsys.  It turned out to be originating in my left lung and had spread to my lymph  nodes and stomach.  It is non-operable since it has already spread around my body, they called it Stage 4 Lung cancer (non small cell type) 6/11, 6/12 - Had to go back to the hospital, I had sever shortness of breath from my swollen stomach, they took a new CT scan  and found the cancer had grown significantly in the 9 days since they last scanned it.  They were already mentioning a hospice. 6/13 Recieved my first (very large) dose of chemotherapy and was released to home heath care.
Needless to say, there were a lot of emotions and preparations for me to deal with.  I wanted to continue to post my experiences in the hopes of helping people on here .  We have to always be vigilant and realize the deadlyness of this addiction we are fighting  I don't want any of you to experience the feeling I now get when my 9 year old daughter looks to me with all the Love in her eyes's.  I have no idea of what the future holds for me, I know because of the great people on this sight that I will face my future as a non-smoker. I thought after all these decades that I actually had the cigarette addiction beat, but it looks like it will win in the long run by taking my life much faster than it should have.  I will continue to post as I can.
Neal    Quit the lies on 1/9/2011

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Neal,I am so very sorry to hear about your news.  Please know that you are in my prayers.  There are a few members on here whom I feel a bond with and you are one of those people.  My quit brother, regardless of what happens know that yesterday, today and tomorrow you are an inspiration.  Please get better.
Your quit sister,
Laura I too quit the lies 01/17/2011

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My thoughts and prayers are with you today.  I am so sorry your health has taken a sudden and unexpected turn for the worse.  These last few weeks have for sure been terribly stressful and you again prove that nicotine has no place in our lives when dealing with even the toughest circumstances we can encounter.  I'm hoping the chemo treatments can turn your disease and diagnosis around 180 degrees.  I hope also you are well enough soon to get out and feel the wind on your face on a ride in the afternoon sun.

With you in spirit.

Joe J