4 Decades Of Lies! (First Post Journal)

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I really enjoy reading your posts and journal.  I live in Florida too (USA for the others) and there have been many times when the spring and orange blossoms have brought on triggers - and like you, I just face them, and know in my heart that I have just made another step toward extinguishing the thought and feeling that the "auto pilot" in me before is now being re-conditioned to a better me.

Just wanted to stop by and thank you for your un-ending honesty and say you accomplished something huge by getting through a great camping time without nicotine....by laying a more solid welcome mat for the real you to walk through the door.  You rock.

quit 1-1-11 and smiling

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Enjoyed reading about your quit and want to offer up some encouraging news...The triggers will keep getting fewer and fewer! You are doing fantastic in your good smart quit. Congratulations!

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Hey Neal, thanks for dropping by...your post on my thread got me to thinking and I went back and reviewed a number of of quit logs during the first month or two of their quits.

It is just as Joel and John tell us, each of our quits is different.  I noticed that some folks seem to really struggle through the first month and then suddenly it gets easier.  Others mostly cruise through that first month and suddenly have struggles to deal with.  Then there are others (like me) that seem to struggle off and on through the whole thing.  The good news here is that as I read the logs on some of the longer quits I find that most find sustained comfort somewhere in the first six months (although a few seem to struggle longer than that).

The lesson I learn from this is to not have specific expectations, just accept what comes (as it comes) and always keep nicotine on the outside.

By the way Neal, golf is better without being in a state of withdrawal half of the time.  I did notice early on that my ball striking was rather poor for a time but I worked through it.

I hope that you get out on the course soon.

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Well, I'm on Day 73 today and all is going well. I'm loving my freedom and I feel very far away from the possibility of using nicotine. I haven't been quit so long that I forgot what it was like to have my life revolve aroung smoking, but I have been quit long enough to see how much better life is now that I'm finding the real me. I did gain about 10 pounds, as predicted, but I know that will soon come off. I'm finding I have a lot more time on my hands. I've already painted the whole outside of my house, and now I'm working on re-landscaping the entire back yard. (All with the money I've saved from not smoking!) It truly is getting better and better. YQB Neal - NTAP

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WOW WOW WOW!  What great accomplishments - of course the quit, but also the home improvement.  Now every time you pull in the driveway you will be reminded of the great work you've done on ALL fronts! Congrats!


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Hi Neal
Congrats on your quit- you are doing great.
It keeps getting better too, that for sure.
Life is much better on this side of the bars eh?

All the best

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"I'm loving my freedom and I feel very far away from the possibility of using nicotine."  - Neal

Sometimes the simple statements are the ones that mean the most.  Neal - you may have written that in a flurry on the keyboard -just to state your state of mind ----- and never thought it may mean a great deal to anyone else.  Just stating the facts - right?

Well, it meant a great deal to me.  Sometimes stating the truth just rings so wonderfully true - and it feels good.  

Thank you for that.  

quit 1-1-11 and smiling because you said it just right

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Thanks for stopping by my bronze party Neal.   You are right on the coat-tails of it yourself.  Awesome feeling isn't it?  3 months is such a vastly different place than 3 days or 3 weeks.  I can only imagine what it will feel like at bronze x 2 = silver. 

I'm standing at the ropes, cheering you through the last lap till the bronze flag waves - cause I can see you on that last lap and you are hoofin' it something crazy!!!  Go Neal!!

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Today is Day 89 and I'm on my last lap towards Bronze. One day at a time is not words, but words to live by. I had a smoking dream the other night, and it didn't even upset me. I think I knew even in my dream that there was no way I was going to smoke. Thanks again to everyone who stops by to give me support, your time and effort are greatly appreciated. I try to post when I can, but I still read when I can't. I'm trying to think of a special Bronze post to put up tomorrow. Keep all nicotine on the outside and success is guaranteed. YQB Neal - Stopped all the lies, and feeding the addiction on 1/9/11.

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Hey Neal!  It is incredible!  You have been nicotine free for three months after 4 decades of chemical dependency.

You have helped many of us with your insightful posts and generous support.

We are all marching together toward Silver, Gold, and beyond!

Keep on keepin' it on the outside, Neal!