4 Decades Of Lies! (First Post Journal)

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1 month and 12 days! (Clean and Green) Made it fine thru another weekend, I've been fighting a cold for awhile, probably why I.ve been feeling tired. I didn't spend any time on the computer this whole weekend. The first time I went more than a day without reading on Why Quit or FFN. I haven't had any real temptations to use nicotine in quite awhile, just some occasional thoughts, and I pretty much laugh them away. I'm trying to figure out if I'm reaching the acceptance stage yet. I feel that my quit is very strong, and I'm really starting to look at myself as an ex-smoker, not as a smoker who is trying to quit. Maybe it is too early in my quit to feel this way, but it sure feels good each day to not use any nicotine. I read the journals of the long time quitters, and I admire the freedom and peace of mind that they have found. I soooo much want to experience what they have found, rather than ever going back to being a slave to this addiction. No nicotine today. NTAP
YQB Neal

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Hi Neal, each passing day brings us closer to the comfort we seek.  As recently as a week or so ago it was still difficult to imagine feeling really comfortable as a non-smoker - it still took some effort to just stay clean.

Like you I do have thoughts of ingesting nicotine but they are not overwhelming, easily laughed off as you say.  But just in the last couple of days I can actually see a time when I will be truly comfortable.  That is an exciting prospect!

Just one rule, no nicotine on the inside...NTAP!

Jeff - one month and thirteen days Nicotine Free
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Thank you for sharing turning green with me, Neal! And look at you! Oh you should be so proud too! Like you, I am laughing now at the random smoking thoughts that pop up out of nowhere! I guess they will stop as they are getting nowhere fast. There is no way I would ever give in to a useless lie and that's what they are and I'll bet you are with me on that one, too.. And hey....we are an EX-SMOKERS because we already DID quit! We would have to make a conscious decision to BECOME smokers again by using nicotine. And that is never gonna happen! It gets more comfortable everyday. Just one rule: No nicotine today.

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I read your journal and I was very inspired.  I read the one you wrote in the BIGGER font and it really hit home.  I am glad to join you being green so can't wait to see you in bronze, silver and eventually gold.  We'll get there one day at a time.  I enjoyed your journal.

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Thank you for your thoughtfulness posting on my journal - and for quoting me back to myself!  You are right, I do not believe that has happened before, and it really made me smile - it sounded so cool.

You are honest and real in your journal - I believe you strive for a strong, eternally successful quit.   I enjoy reading your words and glad you are on this journey.

quit 1-1-11 and smiling

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Congrats Neal, and excellent work. I also feel a little extra inspiration from those who were much heavier and longer term smokers than me. You are a great witness!

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I reached 1 month and 3 weeks last night, cruising towards double green. I'm just starting to get over the chest cold I've been fighting for the last 3 weeks. I'm really feeling good about my quit, and it is getting easier each day. I occasionally get smoking thoughts, but I understand where they are coming from and how to deal with them. These thoughts are coming less and less as I face more situations as a non-smoker. After 42 years of being a nicotine slave it feels so good to be getting a taste of freedom.I have never felt this strong or this good in any of my previous quit attempts. The information and people at this site is amazing, if you want to shine the light of truth on all the lies you've been telling yourself, then keep reading all you can at WhyQuit and FFN. NTAP

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Well, I went to a smoker's funeral this last week. She was almost 79 years old, but I guarantee you she would have lived longer if she didn't smoke from a young age until the day she died. Her sister (who never smoked) was there and looked like she could easily live another 20 years. I did experience some cravings as this was the first funeral since I quit. Right now I am camping, I arrived yesterday and the entire day was full of triggers and thoughts about smoking. I didn't realize how much smoking was a part of camping. Of course I came to realize that camping can still be fun without smoking. I can do anything as a non-smoker that I did as a smoker, sometimes even better. Well today is my second day camping and the thoughts and triggers are much better and less frequent. I hope my last day of camping will be free of any cravings. I'm currently relaxing outside my RV overlooking the lake, enjoying the Florida sunshine and my Journey to Freedom. I'm writing this post on my cell phone. In three days when I'm done camping, I will be able to say that I have not poisoned myself with nicotine for two months. YQB Neal

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Neal,I hope that your last day of camping was as you wished it to be.  Great job not falling back into the grips of nicotine.  Its crazy how one day you won't even think about cigarettes and the next day something happens to bring on that trigger.  Well every time I face one of those afterwards I think that I have just made my quit that much stronger.  Wait to go, keep up the awesome job.  NTAP

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Thanks Laura,
It's amazing that encountering new activities could have such an effect. I think this is one of the many important things I learned here. I totally agree with you that encountering and overcoming this triggers gives more strengh to your quit. My last day of camping was no problem, very little thoughts of smoking. I know the next time I go camping it will be much easier, that's the beauty of retraining your subconsious. Most of the times that I get thoughts of using nicotine it is when I'm doing something that I haven't done since I quit. Congratulations on your awesome quit also. One day at a time we will continue.
YQB Neal - No slavery to nicotine for 2 months.