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Hi Everyone! 390 Project blast from the past :)

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September 1st, 2012, 6:28 pm #1

Hi everyone! It's been almost a decade since I posted on this forum. I don't know if anybody is around who helped me back then but it was a great experienced and I owe a huge debt of gratitude to those who gave me advice - I was 18 years old, just graduated high school in Peoria, IL, had a front end damaged 1968 Galaxie 500 with a 390 that needed rebuilt, no experience, and no one at all to help me.

Long story short - with the help of this forum I rebuilt the engine in my (widowed) mom's shed, rebuilt the entire front suspension, poured my own small concrete slab so I could safely lower the engine in the car in the back yard, and drove the car to college.

I drove the car for several years but there was a problem with the 390's oil system and it blew a lifter, after sitting for a while in my mom's back yard (and with no money) I wasn't able to keep or fix the car , but I pulled the entire drivetrain (except the rear end) and kept it all these years.

I'm now a mechanical engineer and expecting my first child in February. I drive an old f150 right now and will need something with a rear seat for haulin' kids around safely so I need to get a "new" car. I'm seriously considering rebuilding the 390 and putting it into something. Any thoughts? I'd love to find a 60's full size ford to put the drivetrain in (especially if it's a drop in) I don't have a lot space (just a small one stall garage) so I'd like to find a body that requires minimal work and just needs a good engine & trans.

I know the perfect car body is out there somewhere just waiting for somebody to put an engine in it - so if you know anything or have any suggestions or think I'm crazy please let me know .

I'd also be interested in any FE parts you might have - my block is in good shape (a little rust in the cylinder bores but I think I can take care of it with some honing.) My crank didn't fare as well and has some thicker rust on it so I might be interested in throwing some newer/better stuff in there. Maybe an AL 4 brl intake, who knows . I don't have a huge budget for the project, but I figure if I can get a decent daily driver together for around $4,000 (nothing crazy, just reliable and comfy) than that beats buying some 2000 - something used car.

Besides - I feel like I owe it to that old 390 to put it to good use after all these years .

Look forward to hearing from anybody on hear!
And thanks again to those who helped me back in the day.

Curtis Boirum