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Ford FE Parts Questions

Ford FE Parts Questions

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June 25th, 2012, 12:53 am #1

I am looking for assistance in identifying some Ford parts that I have on hand. I would also appreciate your input as to what they might be worth, which are as follows:

Bell Housing: C5AA-6394-A (The date code is very hard to read, but I believe that it is 4J24).

Transmission: RF C5AR 7050 0 It may have a G6 immediately following, but not positive (I could not read the date code, but it has a Hurst Shifter and linkage attached, without the handle).

Transmission Tail: RF C4AR 7A040 A ( Again, I believe that it is followed by a W-2).

Rear End?: C5AW (Believe that it then states "46684" but very hard to read).

If they are not parts that I need for a '67 GT500, I may be interested in selling them.