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Close encounter with a 427-powered '57 T-Bird today

Close encounter with a 427-powered '57 T-Bird today

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August 2nd, 2004, 6:48 pm #1

Today at lunch with a friend, we came out of the restaurant and up comes a '57 T-bird, top down, nice sunny day, two guys with sun glasses, and an engine burble that let me know "something was under the hood". My friend says, hey here comes a T-bird and I look. So I thought I'd be friendly and I yelled "do you have a 312 in that thing"? I was thinking how cool it would be if someone was running around in a nicely built-up boat anchor, I mean 312. The guy says "no". So I wait for a minute, and so I say "well................, what do you have in it"?.............hopeing all along that he won't tell me he has a small block Chevy.

So the guy says "427 Ford side-oiler putting out 600-hp".

So I start looking at him rather closely, to wee who the hell this guy is, and couldn't pick up any kinda trail, and he and his buddy are now out of the car and I said "hey, can I ask you to pop the hood"?. He says "sure", pops the hood, and there (spotless) with Ford part numbers on everything including the aluminum sand cast intake manifold, is one beautiful piece of work, totally professionally installed, and sounding somewhat muted but with a distinct lope in the cam.

I just started laughing. I said "I'll bet you have a loooong string of people who whish they never messed with this car". He says, "Oh I don't race, John Law and I came to an understanding about that a while ago". I just laughed again, and said, "right, you're driging a '57 T-bird with a 427 side-oiler and you don't race, ha ha ha".

That was it, we just shook hands and departed. The car is still there, dang, maybe I should go back after they get done eating just to listen to that thing, sure was pretty. Dark blue, perfect paint, floor shifter, Torque Thrust mags with aluminum sand cast spokes, and some rather wide rubber sneaked onto the rear. The guy said he got the motor out of the box, bran new.

Some people have all the fun!

Mr. P