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July 17th, 2004, 3:46 am #11

I recently purchased a NOS 428 SCJ block still in the factory crate to replace the 390 in my 67 FB Mustang.(Not many left these days)
Unfortunately the sonic tests showed thin cylinder walls on #s 5, 7 & 8 at 90 degrees to the thrust face of the bore. The measurements are .085/.090/ .095 / " respectively. There appears to have been some minor core shift on the left bank during casting.
I have heard that Drag racers used to brace the cylinder walls using some type of cement or epoxy.
Does anyone know of this technique &/or the material used for bracing or any other way to strengthen the cylinder walls?
Any help would be appreciated, I don't want to have to scrap this block.
The intention is to build a 455 cid stroker producing around 530 HP so I need to be sure of the cylinder wall strength
Thanks to all who responded to my query.
After much research we have decided to do a 1 inch block fill using the Moroso block filler. The calculations show that it will give the needed strength without any overheating probs.
The reason for using the Moroso product is that it has better rheology, hence making it easier to pour & less chance of getting air pockets, otherwise Hardblok would have been the choice. When they are set the 2 products seem to be the same.
I will post the results after the motor is built & running