The putt that shoulda gone in...

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September 14th, 2018, 6:24 pm #1

I had a 4 footer to save a bogey on 12 today that was up hill with maybe a slight right to left break.  I hit what felt like a good putt on line and it lipped out the left side of the cup.  On the way there it looked like it took a sharp left turn about a foot and a half from the hole.  Hmmm, it was an early round and there was dew on the grass and I could see the track of the ball and sure enough there was a left turn where there was a small depression probably an old ball mark on the green.  LOL there is a lot of stuff conspiring against us golfers while playing!  Anyway I am happy that I was aware enough of the roll of the ball that I did not think that I pulled the putt.  Good for me!  Ouch I just pulled a muscle patting myself on the back!

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