New base for old 1st Nature feeders

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Going through my storage container for all of my feeders. I realized that I had 7 1st. Nature feeders that weren't being used because the bases either had the slits for feeder ports or they had the larger oval ports that allowed too many bees and other bugs into the bowl. I contacted First Nature and found out that I can order the bases with the yellow flowers to use with the bottles I already have rather than buying more feeders. I only ordered 4 bases today but may order 4 more a little later on.

For anyone who may want to replace their base with the base that has the removable yellow flowers I have copied the info below. BTW, I thought the price was reasonable.


You can order bases separately to put on your extra globes. The base set with the removable yellow flowers are $2.50 each for the 2 piece base plus shipping and handling. The top half of the base is $1.50 and the bottom half of the base is $1.00 in case you don't need both pieces.

You can place an order with a credit card by calling our customer service department at the toll free number below or you can send a check or money order to the address below.

First Nature
Customer Service
PO Box 220
Rogers, AR 72757

Please include the proper shipping and handling charges. Contact Customer Service for charges if located outside of the US.

$ 0.00 - $ 15.00 $ 5.95

$ 15.01 - $ 40.00 $ 7.95

$ 40.01 - $ 55.00 $ 9.95

$ 55.01 - $ 75.00 $ 11.95
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Thanks for getting that info on the feeder replacement with the removable yellow flowers . I also have several I could replace , 9 in fact for consideration.
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