Moody Cup Update

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February 21st, 2012, 1:01 am #1

There has been a lot of Moody Cup activity during the past week that has resulted in a new leader. UPS Bob scored a single and double at St James and Wildwood. Bob Heide and Newt both scored doubles. Looks like the Cup Competitors may be able to pay for more than the music at the 2013 party.

Way to go guys.

As a reminder, please let the Awards Committee know by posting a reply to thos message or e-mail if you or someone you know gets a point. The Committee needs to make sure that everyone gets the recognition they have earned.

The new standings are:

Patrick Roffey 2

Jim Kanuch 1

Dave Accardi 1

Bob Staib 4

Bob Heide 3

Ed Stevens 1

Walt Stevens 1

Manley Siler 1

Newt Colston 2

Have a good one.

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