Kelly tilgman - what do you think about what she said about lynching Tiger

Kelly tilgman - what do you think about what she said about lynching Tiger

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January 10th, 2008, 6:39 pm #1

Have you ever watched cowboy movies where
a bad guy is in jail for murder and the town busy bodies
get a rope and say lets lynch him!
Lynching was done to people black and white long before
the Civil War ended and blacks got their freedom.
Technically any action taken by a mob against someone without
do process of law could be called lynching.

Tiger is half black and his mom is -i forget- Asian
so what do you do, lynch half of Tiger?

If Kelly had said a gang should take Tiger in to an ally
and beat the crap out of him what would people say?

People like AL Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are out of
touch with what most black people want.
The vast majority of black people are hard working,
good people, who are much more conservative than the so-called
leaders of the black community.

Things are changing rapidly in race relations and Sharpton
and Jackson do more harm than good.

If i may say of the 10 people i admire the most in this country,
6 of them are black It's NOT about color anymore, it's
about character. Yes Mr.Chazman, you are one of the other 4.


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She was adding a comment in a discussion about what could the noobie players could do to beat Tiger, she jokingly stated "they could take him out in the alley and lynch him".

The super sensitive politically correct crowd will take this completely out of context and try to run it like a football, one of these days someone who is accused of this stuff is finally going to stand up and tell them to stick up thier arses, and I believe that person will get the overwhelming support of the american public who are fed up with this "thought police" mentality.

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Well said.

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