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What's your name?


How long have you been in e-feds?

16 Years

How did you discover e-feds?

I was a mainly fantasy rper on a site called Dungeon Keeps Domain, and a friend of mine who I was living with at the time told me about efedding and as a fan of wrestling and fantasy writing I decided to join MCW(Memnocks Championship Wrestling).

What was your first character's gimmick and did you have any success?

My first char was Orphan Mysterio(Now known as just Lance Styles or Orphan) and his gimmick was the fresh underage kid who wanted to wrestle, he attached himself to the champion at the time and we became a group called Mono, he was the World champ, Orphan soon became the feds version of the hardcore champ, and after we both lost those titles we gained the tag team titles for a while.

What characters are you currently playing?

Currently for the 3D Cup I'm bringing in Lance Styles to rp as, he's been simi retired for a while, but thought it would be fun. In DOPE I have Dexter Anthony, and then from time to time I'll rp as Alex Black or Allister Black depending on what is needed.

During your time in e-feds, have you introduced anyone else into the hobby?

Yes, I have brought a few people in, my boss and his brother both joined a couple feds when I told them about it, two of my good friends also dabbled in it after I told them about it.

What and where was the first e-fed title you won?

The first e-fed title was the Hardcore one (Can't remember the time of it now) in the MCW fed.

Have you ever met anyone from an e-fed in real life?

Yes, besides the people in my town that all efedded, I met and live with Lilly Rose on here.

Who are some of your favorite e-wrestlers/handlers?

Lilly Rose(Several different chars), Georgie Nickels(Rebel Child), MDK, Jack Benevolence, and so so many more.

Are there any e-feds you aren't a member of that you keep track of?

Honestly not really, I do peek in on PW(Phoenix Wrestling) from time to time but nothing else really.

What are some of your favorite angles/storylines you've seen or been involved in?

Anything with Allister I enjoyed, I was able to be a crazy man with him and get away with a lot that I probably should not have. Also I always enjoy the storyline that goes on when The Experts put on their Extreme Tourneys, the stuff that comes out of that is always amazing, and also last year’s T ACT Cup, I enjoyed doing all of that and I think besides a few hiccups things went great.

Is there anything you've done with a character that, looking back, you feel was a mistake, or made you wonder why you originally did it?

Honestly I think most of my in char stuff can be explained and honestly I don't feel any of it is a mistake cause I think it's all within the realm of what my char would have done in that situation.

Are there still any achievements or goals you want to accomplish?

At this point after 16 years I just want to be in feds that are as drama free as possible, I enjoy a good storyline and that’s all I need. Allister and Orphan have both been world champs; they both are in different HOF's I don't really think I need much more than that. Other than that I would like to win a innerfed tourney deal, I've gotten close a few times but that’s more of a if it happens, it happens deal.

What is something that is coming up involving your character(s) that you can speak on or feel like spoiling?

3D Cup, I don't know when this is going to be put up, but the WrestleFX 3D Cup is coming up here soon and I'm going to be apart of that, it should be a lot of fun, got some great rpers that I've seen already signed up and can't wait to do my things. As for spoilers really this will be the first event where Orphan Mysterio is not introduced as Orphan Mysterio and just by his real name Lance Styles.

In your opinion, what's the best thing about e-feds?

They story you can create with another person that you either might not know or do know, it's a great feeling when you can look at something you have done with another person and look at it with pride.

In your opinion, what's the worst thing about e-feds?

The Drama, there is a hellva lot of drama in the efed world and honestly a few times I have felt like just saying fuck it and getting out of the whole thing, but it's a hobby, I love to write and I love to write about the things I love, and honestly I love wrestling, if I didn’t I would not put up with how WWE has been the past five years.

Do you use Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform to further storylines or minor character development, and what are your thoughts about it?

Yes, I have twitters for Orphan, Dexter, and Alex/Allister, I've not talked on Orphan or Alex/Allister's in awhile, but Dexter's I have been keeping up just to further and try and help promote DOPE and other things like that. I do have facebook, but that is where my RL profile is and I try and keep that away from my fedding stuff.

Lastly, now it's your time to promote anything you'd like.. so have at it:

Check out DOPE, they can be found at HTTP://DOPE-ENTERTAINMENT.COM/ ..check out the 3D Cup here on WrestleFX should be a hell of a show with Bullard running it. You can check me out on twitter as Dexter Anthony at @NKDexterAnthony, Orphan is found at @OrphanMysterio, and Alex Black is found at @Alex_Black_Rose . If you add me on Orphan or Alex it might take a couple days for me to see it, but Dexter will be within no time at all.

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