Denton Croft

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Wrestler Info
Wrestler Name : Denton Croft
Hometown : Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Wrestling From : Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Billed Weight : 208 lbs
Billed Height : 6'0
Alignement : Face
Picbase : Fergal Devitt

Theme Song : "Rock N Roll Party In The Streets" - Axe
Entrance Description : The intro to RNRPINTS starts, the piano continues and then suddenly the guitar picks up, the drums kick in, "You know, I Know this ain't gonna last forever
Let's take advantage while we still can
I'm sure that you'll find the days couldn't get any longer
Day after day it's gettin' old fast

The drums hit fast and Denton Croft bursts from behind the curtain, the crowd pops and he walks down to the ring, he throws his hands in the air, "Give it up for me!" the crowd pops and Croft hits hands with the fans. He stops in the middle of the entrance way and points to both sides of the crowd before running to the ring and sliding in where he quickly gets up and poses on the turnbuckle.

Character Background/History :

Wrestling Info

Wrestling Style : Everything
Common Move (max.20) :
1. Ranhei
2. Arm Drag
3. Belly to belly Suplex
4. Indian Deathlock
5. Shining Wizard
6. Dropkick
7. Lariat
8. Shiranui
9. Suicide Dive
10. Camel Clutch
11. Exploder Suplex
12. DDT
13. Somersault Leg Drop
14. Moonsault
15. Tiger Suplex

Signature Move (max.5) :
1. Superman Punch
2. Sharpshooter
Finisher (max.3) :
1. Slick Bomb (Powerbomb Lungblower)
2. Spear

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