"our Heath, Our Hill" - A Wolf Poem

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Heya, something a bit different from me this time. I wrote a poem today and thought it may interest you guys!

I took the image of the wolf howling to the moon, gazing at the night sky, as inspiration.

Also inspired by the music of Summoning.


Our Heath, Our Hill.

I look at the sky.

She is there.

Her fur is soft, her claws are sharp.
Her body is warm, her scent divine.
Her light shimmers through snow and bark.

And on this night,
This winter night.
I howl to her.

She glows so bright.

I kissed her, scented her, touched her gaze.
Lost in her lips, her fangs, her teeth,
We snapped and played beneath the moon.
We ran and danced through hills, through heath.

She ran and rolled through summer fields,
We dashed and wrestled in autumn leaves,
Lapped from the gushing streams of spring,
She danced in snow through winter trees.

The moon, it shone in her pelt,
The sun washed over her ears and nose.
She gazed into me, my heart.
And I knew.
I knew it was I- she had chose.

And ah! One scorching summer's day,
The pack were resting, satisfied.
She was not asleep, only pretending.
I touched her nose,
She opened her eyes.

She melted beneath me- my grasp, my fangs.
We shuddered in the summer sun.
She panted, her scent was pure, so mortal.

She was me,
I was her.
And we were one.

Evening, a dance beneath the stars,
I ran with her- we bounded, played.
A snap, a yelp.
Such terrible fear.
Her legs were twisted,
Clasped in metal.

The coldness shimmered, through blood, her leg.
She howled, her eyes were wild, she barked.
I nuzzled her, bore into her lips.
Lay with her all night,
As she cried in the dark.

In the first light of morning, I had to leave her.

I had to.

I ran,
And ran.
And ran.
And ran.

For I scented the terrible stench of man.

Her cry razed me,
Maddened me.

He pointed the gun to her head.
A thunderbolt cracked as she screamed,
The heather stained in red.

She lay.

On our heath,
Our hill.

The metal jaws parted,
He bent over her
Clasped her scruff, her tail.
That soft, perfect fur.

And on that day.
That terrible day.
He dragged her broken body away.

In winter, I look to the stars,
Silver fur glistens, such beauty unfurled.
There is nothing more divine than her,
A creature too perfect for this world.

And in the night she is eternal,
The winter moon, it never bleeds.
Among the stars she's never hungry.
In the sky, my mate is free.

And still she dances through the heather,
The crags, the rocks, a fire of white.
And still she's running,
Here, beside me.
She kisses me with soft moonlight.

I can feel her breath rush through me,
She's icy cold, a scentless breeze.
So joyful, in the snow she plays,
She shines between the shade of trees.

Her eyes, her beauty, ever guide me,
Through the hunt,
Through every kill.

I can see her,
Smell her,
Feel her,
With me.

She burns in silver,

On our heath.
Our hill.

A scent in the trail, prints in the snow.
I sense the secrets in the ground.
In my mind we share a smile,
As I stalk and seek what must be found.

I know that I should never fear,
I know that I will eat tonight.

For on this night,
This winter night.
I howl to her.

She glows so bright.


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Flows very nicely indeed as poems go; you really take us on a story there. It is sad! :0 and very well thought out. Good work. :thumbsup: