Farthing Wood Animal (leader)
Farthing Wood Animal (leader)
AIM screen name Don't have this one!
Yahoo! screen name I love Jaffa Cakes!
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Location Sitting in front of a computer somewhere.
Interests Watching the birds in the garden * Rock music * Painting with acrylics (badly) * Retro games (i.e. megadrive / PSX) * Creativness * Top Gear * OMG you can put 1000 characters in this space - WTF? * Anything that's not girly / candy shades of pink * Pub quizes * Writing stories * Simons Cat (awesome YouTube videos) * Oh, yeah, posting in blue * Playing cards (I collect them) * Randomness * Merlin * Dragons * POTC * Going down the pub for a pint with friends * Using a fountain pen * Oooh, I used just over half the given amount of characters to write this. Go me!
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Sometimes you think you're crazy, but you know you're only mad.

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