WAN v. LAN access

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WAN v. LAN access

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Can I use two of my LAN computers to play each other ON MY LAN?
Will one use its disk as a server and the other as client?
Will it work, for example, with ipAddresses of (server) and (client)?

Will I use my LAN ipAddress when playing someone on the other side of my modem... "out there" in the WAN?
Will it work, for example, with ipAddresses of (server) and (client)?


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DMB's NetPlay feature allows you to play games head-to-head with any two network connected computers. The connection can be local or over the internet. In either case, to establish the connection, the remote user needs the host computer's IP address. 

When playing over a local network connection you could use the host's LAN IP, but you would need to use the WAN IP when the connection is being made from outside the host's local network over the Internet.

The following website has some very good information on troubleshooting and testing potential connection problems, especially the first two tips on using a port testing tool and checking for multiple routers. Using a port testing tool really helps to narrow down potential problems and eliminates the need to connect to another DMBer, with their own potential connection issues, to test your connection. Also, most people who have purchased their own router and still have a modem from their ISP to connect to the internet don't realize that the ISP modem is probably set up as a router as well, effectively blocking any efforts at properly configuring the separate router.

http://www.pcwintech.com/common-problem ... forwarding