Version 6 of Digital Diamond Baseball has been released!

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Version 6 of Digital Diamond Baseball has been released!

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24 Apr 2017, 00:20 #1

I just wanted to update the DMB community on Digital Diamond Baseball.  We just released Version 6 and the new features are:
  • A brand new modern user interface.
  • Daily replay stats for all players are now stored during a replay allowing for more detailed reporting.
  • Brand new home plate page that shows who's hot, recent exciting games, suggested games to watch, and leaders and standings.
  • Ability to replay the 2017 season as it unfolds at no extra cost.
  • Support for injuries. 
  • Brand new team/manager profile system.
  • Improved computer drafting algorithm.
  • Simplified the process used to add ballpark images.
  • Brand new calendar view.
  • Ability to install customer created seasons directly from within the game.  You no longer need download files and copy them to the correct location,  A few clicks and the season installs.
  • Ability to build custom seasons by importing directly from Lahman and have L/R splits included in the season.
  • And more...
The game runs on Mac, Windows, or Linux and as always, the seasons are customer created and free for everyone.  There is a free trial version if you want to give it a spin.

You can see videos of the game in action on our website (, YouTube Channel (, and Facebook page (  We have built a strong community of users and pride ourselves on our customer service.  

If you have any questions, feel free to email


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23 Jun 2017, 22:48 #2

Hmm... très intéressant