HR call reversed

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HR call reversed

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27 Nov 2017, 19:23 #1

@Orioles 4 Red Sox 3 (12) Gm. 1 of a Sept. 22, 1967 DH
This may have been the most remarkable, and heart-breaking, simulation baseball game I have played.
A rare reversal of a HR call in the top of the 12th frustrated me. I still can’t believe it.
I had never seen it in DM, and I’ve been at it a long time. Rico Petrocelli had a 3-run HR call reversed. I thought the Sox won and an inning later they lost. The game said the umps huddled and reversed the call, right in the middle of the tight pennant race, which Baltimore and Boston are separated by less than 2 games.
The Red Sox, up 1.5 games on the Orioles and half game on the Tigers, started Jerry Stephenson, who gave up 3 first-inning runs before getting through the second. In the top of the first, the great Paul Blair laid out for a Petrocelli liner and saved at least one run.
Bucky Brandon pitched 4 hitless innings of relief for Boston, and Yaz bashed a 3-run HR to tie the game in the 5th inning. The Red Sox kept threatening, and Boston played superb defense, with Yaz jumping the wall to take a HR away from Blair, and Jose Tartabull throwing out a runner at third to snuff a rally. Blair threw Mike Ryan out at home in the top of the horrible 12th.
I managed the Red Sox the entire game.

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I've played DMB as my top game since it came out and I don't think I've ever had a HR recalled.  Your loss was sure a tuff one but what a cool sounding game that was.  I just played an August 18, 1959 game with my WSox leading by a 1 1/2 games in the league and I've had some terrific games.  Just like some real baseball.  Keeps you hooked...even when it's sad.  : )

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I have had this one come up perhaps three times. The most memorable one was during my solo project 1980 NLCS, when Dave Winfield hit what appeared to be a 9th-inning walk-off only to have it called back. He wound up striking out, but then hit one fair to win the game in the 11th. It was game 5 of a series in which Winfields' Padres came back from an 0-3 deficit to win the NL pennant and ultimately the World Series.

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I've had this one happen 3 or 4 times. I think it mentions something about half of the batting team being out on the field angry at the call. And I'm just as angry as they are when it goes against the team I'm managing!