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Minor Leaguer (AAA)
Minor Leaguer (AAA)
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15 Nov 2017, 23:56 #71

It's amazing what happens when you keep procrastinating every year...but now that 2017 is over I am pretty determined to finally update the supplemental AGP disk but now even more good players have qualified, so I have a new list of 50 players (2 full teams):
Name Pos
Joe Mauer c
Buster Posey C
Russell Martin C
Yadier Molina C
Miguel Cabrera 1b
Joey Votto 1B
Mark Teixeira 1b
David Ortiz dh
Chase Utley 2b
Robinson Cano 2B
Ian Kinsler 2B
Dustin Pedroia 2B
David Wright 3b
Evan Longoria 3B
Josh Donaldson 3B
Troy Tulowitzki SS
Jimmy Rollins ss
Hanley Ramirez SS
Mike Trout CF
Torii Hunter cf
Andrew McCutcheon CF
Curtis Granderson CF
Matt Holliday lf
Ryan Braun LF
Ben Zobrist RF/2B
Giancarlo Stanton RF
Clayton Kershaw SP
Zack Greinke SP
Justin Verlander SP
Cole Hamels SP
Johan Santana sp
Felix Hernandez sp
Max Scherzer SP
Cliff Lee sp
Carlos Zambrano sp
Jon Lester SP
Chris Sale SP
Adam Wainwright SP
Joe Nathan cl
Francisco Rodriguez CL
Jonathan Papelbon CL
Darren Oliver MR
Craig Kimbrel CL
Juaquin Benoit CL
Francisco Cordero cl
Darren O'Day MR
Joakim Soria CL
Kenley Jansen CL
David Robertson MR
Ardolis Chapman CL

Minor Leaguer (AA)
Minor Leaguer (AA)
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18 Nov 2017, 21:14 #72

This would be awesome!  Your past supplemental disks were excellent, as I am sure this one will be.  Good list of players, too -- I am struggling to think of other additions.