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Well, this here was a doozy. A princess, trapped in a tower, the tower itself hidden in a forest, the forest in question placed somewhere around Coreopsis? The princess, whose haunting melody was all that was needed to lure people to help her, people who kept stumbling into increasingly-dangerous traps the harder they tried? Sounded like an urban legend as good as any.[/url=][/url]

But hey, this here was an honest-to-goodness mission request in front of him, and that meant there was a job to do.

With a sigh, the salaryman leaned back in his seat. The job wasn't the kind of thing meant for a single person, they'd told him. He'd have to find a partner. Well, here he was waiting for his partner in a nice little cafe overlooking some of the most beautiful waterways in the city, a cup of coffee and an newspaper waiting for him on the table. The coffee was good - the man didn't have time to touch the newspaper yet, no; a stack of forms in his briefcase and a well-used pen in his hands was making sure of that.

Maybe arriving two hours early was a bad choice.

No, it couldn't be - the amount of work he'd gotten done made sure of it. Complaint forms, records of injuries, heck, even the payroll - the balding businessman took out a handkerchief, wiping his thick glasses before swiping it over his forehead. The job was thankless, the work never-ending; but someone had to do it, and none was more apt than he at such things.

As he continued to wait for his partner, the salaryman took to finishing up as much work as he could, filling and filing form after form. He was confident he'd be easily found - after all, he did send a description of himself and his location, and there was no one else in the cafe remotely as worn and business-like as himself.

Then again, this was a Cat Cafe.