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Mottos in Latin are so much more fitting.
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Power: 83
Endurance: 85
Toughness: 83
Speed: 84
Accuracy: 83
Magic: 100[220]

Ravendark//Gale//Aji | Mission | Arc | Event

Personality wrote:Snow tends to be standoffish at first meeting. She can either warm to you quickly or hate you completely. Either way, she is loyal to a fault. Her major thing is the balance, that which keeps neither dark nor light from favoring too heavily in the world at any given time. Once you've won her favor as friend, it is hard to lose it. The same goes for enemies.

Magic Synopsis wrote:Snow's magic is a curse. Not quite literally. She has spent a lot of time learning to tame it, and it has never completely overtaken her, save once when it was new to her. In order to maintain balance then, she left the world of civilization, and came back more able to control the wolf within. It still shows when her grey eyes spark golden, however, before her temper snaps.
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Power: 25
Endurance: 32
Toughness: 30
Speed: 26
Accuracy: 27
Magic: 40(50)

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Personality wrote:A researcher by profession, Sera prefers to keep her own company, or that of dusty old tomes whenever possible. While she is cold and logical by nature, that doesn't make her any less handy in a fight or pinch. Whatever allies she might accrue in her adventures in Fiore, she would always be loyal to. Well... Mostly.

Magic Synopsis wrote:The control of gravity is a finiky thing, but Seraphina has a decent grasp of it. It is a boon for the most part, and can come in handy on shadier jobs, especially that whole walking on walls thing. She also has the distinction of being able to distinguish between friend and foe when using her magic. Especially handy for not getting squished.