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I am officially placing a bounty for information on any good commission artist willing to work to make FTG new skin. I will pay 10 USD + 10 mil Jewels in game via paypal for for contact details of good commission artist provided that the following two conditions:
  • 1. It is an commissioned artist not some guy willing to make a buck. I am going to be paying for this and this is going to be a pretty big job since is not just restoration but actually creating seasonal skins as well so i want the best, i can make exceptions provided the artist shows me some of his previous works
  • 2.That i actually choose to go with the person you are recommending, meaning this bounty will be paid once the commission is set and not just for participation
now, if you know an an artist , post here after you have send them the following message, properly filled.
wrote: I am [your name here] and i am representing the fairy tail guild RP board (enter site url here), and we would like to place a commission.

You see, because of photobuckets recent-ish changes to the 3rd party hosting we lost most of our skin's links to images, we still have a copy of the CSS code and we would like to re-use it or upgrade it if you have suggestions

The commission would be for you to make set graphics for the old CSS for different events/times

-Summer Vacations
-Valentines Day

If you are interested in this job, please contact us via whatsapp directly at 1-829-599-2021 or at so we can discuss further details such as cost.

XOXO, [your name here]
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