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Account Name: D'von
Name:D'von Windscar
Guild: N/A
Class: D
Affiliation:elemental, wind

Physical Description:Very well kept. As if he was brought up in a noble home. Long mid-back level hair that resembles the moon glistening in the reflection of the sea. Eyes that gaze without a definite purpose, taking in every surrounding without the tell tale signs of alertness. Thin lips and a defined chin that could have been chiseled from marble itself. A slender,muscular body that is adorned with a midnight black silk kimono that portrays a single cherry tree blossoming in the spring down its left side. Aside from the small, brown leather knapsack on his back and a bottle of saki to ease his trip, the only other possession he carries is long half-moon scythe. It's twisted handle and it's battle scarred blade are more than capable of telling the story of their shared hardships, sparing him from recanting it to those who inquire.

Clothing:traditional black silk kimono, a light, brown leather knapsack and traditional sandals
Accessories:a bottle of saki
Extra:Underneath his mask of formality and class lies a tale of pain and anguish. Scars of which cover most of his chest, back and arms from a time long before. An aura of silence that's almost deafening hangs over wherever he seems to be. Despite all of his seemingly negative qualities designed to deter even the most steadfast of adventurers, D'von has a carefree and almost harmless nature about him as well. Always accompanied with a small smirk that sits almost invisible in his right cheek. Most evident whilst he effortlessly twirls a small tea leaf in the palm of his hand, using only a small twitch of his index finger on the other to playfully direct it through its delicate routine.

[+] Spoiler

Personality: Throughout the difficulties of his life, D'von has mastered the art of maintaining a clear and undistracted mentality. Silence and situational awareness being the two key factors in doing so. Not afraid to confront this magical and dangerous world, D'von places himself in the midst of certain death to fight for the wronged and downtrodden. Loyalty, honor and kindness are what you need to earn his respect and a place on his side of the fight. A torrent of deadly speed and howling, razor sharp precision await those who stand against him and mean harm to those he cares for.
D'von has a well known flaw that can render him unpredictable and quite hilarious as well. It only takes a single drop of warm saki is all it takes to really light a fire in him. A totally unreserved outgoing wind takes over D'von as the liquor surges through his veins making him the life of the party. Never once has he lost in the game of drink. Except of course, losing to dehydration and a splitting migraine the following morn.
Before, D'von never saw the need for friends. Never trusting anyone, always one eye open. Now he has begun to open himself allowing the chance for something other than a blade in the dark to pierce his defenses and fill the emptiness that haunts him. Eager to find peace and happiness D'von has sworn himself to join Fairy Tail and it's family in hopes of not only mending his own wounds but showing others that he isn't as intimidating as they may perceive.

Wind blows: I was born on a small farm just outside of Dandelion, a city bathed in crime and where danger lurks on every side street. My first memory of my mother is the last I'll ever have, as I was just 4 years old when our lives were blown asunder. The memory plays over and over in my head. To this day, the sounds of gale force winds ripping my childhood home to shreds.
My father had gone to town that morning to try and sell some produce to make ends meet. It wasn't abnormal for father to be in town until after sunset on days he made the trip, so when mother and I heard voices approaching the farmhouse, we were filled with excitement. Surely it was father returning home early having sold all our recent harvest.
There was a loud knock on our door and just as mother walked over to answer, a great, fat, disgusting man barrels in wildly. Following him two more men entered the house. I remember my mother screaming for me to run and hide before watching the large thug decending upon her with whatever sick twisted thoughts were fueling this invasion of our lives. Then it all fades to black.



Stats - 55

Stat Points Earned: 0/0
Arc Points Earned: 0/0
Jewels Earned: 100,000/100,000