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Character Creation Template

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Immediately below in the spoiler tag marked Character Creation Template is the code version of the template you need to make your character. Please open this spoiler and copy the coded version in its entirety for your use on your profile. Do not use the template with the code rendered below the spoiler, this is to show you what your template should look like, as well as provide a brief outline on how to fill out the template, though these instructions are not a replacement for the rules and you should start here if you new. A breakdown of the stats system as a whole (aside from magic,) can be found here

For any entry you do NOT need, please place N/A next to it, rather than delete the heading. For any entry surrounded by round brackets, like (so), delete everything in the brackets, as well as the brackets, and fill in the appropriate information. You may add additional headings as you wish, for example, a Theme Song under Profile, or, Duration and Cool Down headings under each technique. Please do NOT link to images, or attach them, embed those using IMG tags.

Note: if you post your character in the Work In Progress section please post in the thread again indicating it is a completed character so we can move it to the Character Creation section for critique and revision.

[+] Spoiler
Note: if you post your character in the Work In Progress section please post in the thread again indicating it is a completed character so we can move it to the Character Creation section for critique and revision.

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[b]Account Name:[/b] [me]
[b]Guild:[/b] N/A
[b]Class:[/b] D
[b]Physical Description:[/b]
[spoiler=(Name of Character)][img](URL)[/img][/spoiler]





[b][u]Stats[/u][/b] - 55

[b]Stat Points Earned:[/b] 0/0
[b]Arc Points Earned:[/b] 0/0
[b]Jewels Earned:[/b] 100,000/100,000

[spoiler=Sources][url=]Character Creation[/url] 100,000 Jewels[/spoiler]

[u][b]Skills & Disciplines[/b][/u]

[b]Magic Name:[/b]
[b]Magic Type:[/b] 
[b]Tier of Magic:[/b] 
[b]Magic Description:[/b]

[b][u]Techniques:[/u][/b] (used)/3
[b](Name of technique)[/b] - (Rank)

Account Name: The tag

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can be used to put your account name with a link to your profile. Don't change the

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tag. It will display your name.
Name: Character's name goes here.
Nickname: A nickname, if your character has one. It can be earned later on.
Age: The age of your character (in years, duh). Your character has to be at least six.
Gender: Self-explanatory, yeah?
Height: How tall is your character? Preferably in centimetres but feet and inches are okay (or put both).
Weight: How much does your character weigh? Preferably in kilograms put pounds are okay (or put both).
Guild: You don't start in a guild (put N/A). You can join a guild when you earn 15SP.
Class: Starting Characters are Class D.
Affiliation: Light, Dark or Neutral. If you put more information here, please have one of these three in brackets afterwards so staff know where to approve you too.

Physical Description: What does your character look like? Include things like eye and skin colour, stature, build, posture, hair colour, length and style, etc. Minimum of 5-9 lines.
Clothing: What clothes does your character wear? Around 4-7 lines.
Accessories: Here is where you put your character’s jewellery or similar items.
Extra: Anything like a scar or tattoo goes here.
[+] Spoiler
Got a picture of your character? This part isn't mandatory. If you don't have a picture, delete the spoiler tag, and put N/A next to picture.
This is where you describe your character's personality, obviously. Make this as detailed as possible. Two paragraphs, around 7-11 lines each, and you're golden.

[+] Spoiler
What has happened to your character before the present time? Make this as detailed as possible. 2-3 paragraphs with a total of 18 lines is a solid history.
What equipment does your character have? Copy paste this template as many times as necessary for your items. You may start with a maximum of 5 items, unless you are an Ex-Quip mage.
Name: Item's name goes here.
Class: Item's class goes here. Starting characters can only start with D-Class items.
Description: Description of your item goes here. Describe it's appearance, size, weight, and any thing else pertaining to your item. Use metric when you mention its size and weight
Effect/Function: Any magical and mundane effects your item has. If your item is a weapon or armour, mention that here to be clear.

Stats - 55
Magic: (minimum of 5 points)

Stat Points Earned: 0/0
Arc Points Earned: 0/0
Jewels Earned: 100,000/100,000

[+] Spoiler
Don't change this, you don't start with any additional sources.
Skills & Disciplines
This is basically an optional section; here you can list things your character is good at. Things such as talents, arts, and martial arts they have trained in. Naturally things listed here are things your character is better at it than normal people, but not necessarily everyone else. Note that these things are not magical at all. More information can be found here.

Magic Name: The name your mage gives to their magic.
Magic Type: Elemental, Takeover, Exquip, etc.
Tier of Magic: 3, 2, or 1.
Magic Rank: (Rank = Magic/10 [rounded down] +1)
Magic Description: What do you want your magic to be capable of doing? Are you able to use offensive techniques? What kinds? Does your magic allow you to use defensive techniques like barriers, and do you have the ability to use support role abilities like buffs, debuffs, and healing? Anything you want to eventually do with your magic needs to be described here. Keep in mind that you may not do all of these things, and certain types of magic have special limitations of their own which a moderator may notify you of and limit you with. 7-10 lines is the baseline requirement for this description.

Techniques - (used/maximum) TP used in your techniques/the maximum TP your character has.
(Name of technique) - (Rank)
Type: (Offensive/Defensive/Supportive) All techniques fall into one of these three types, you can additional information if you wish afterwards, but please list one of these three first. Exceptions exist for some magic’s, like Summoning or Takeover, however, those exceptions will be detailed in the rules that explain that magic.
Range: Duh, preferable radius over diameter when required. This MUST be in metric.
Effect: What the Technique does. You can mention Duration and/or Cool Down here, or, make headings for them below.