Toronto road-trip last week & a b'day celebration (tons of pix) >>>>>

Toronto road-trip last week & a b'day celebration (tons of pix) >>>>>

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August 26th, 2010, 1:15 pm #1

I had several meetings over a few days so I decided to drive to Toronto.

My daughter kept me company for the trip

I better watch my speed, LOL

Almost there!

Our hotel:

I hate the view from airport hotel windows!!!!!!!!!!!!

Time to head out for a special dinner!

It was Stephanie's 21st b'day last Tuesday! Happy Birthday angel, I love you xoxo

The next morning I had to drive downtown for the first in a series of meetings:

Finally ending the day

Another early start the following morning:

.....and heading back downtown!!! I should stayed at a downtown hotel instead, LOL

Needed directions to the conference that I had to attend.

The Hockey Canada conference was held a great 4-pad ice facility, with even an international size ice surface!!!!

After the conference we headed to Yorkville for dinner!

Not such an early start for the drive home on the last day!

Looks like a great day for the road-trip back home

But not before topping off the tank!!!

It was a successful trip and great one-on-one time with Stephanie

Thanks for looking!!!

Montreal, Canada