Spring Break March 2007!!!!!! >>>>

Spring Break March 2007!!!!!! >>>>

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OT - Ahhhhh, Spring Break with my youngest daughter in Ft. Lauderdale >>>

Hi Everyone,

It’s great to spend some time with my daughter. Many of you know that I have four (4) daughters and have taken the time to travel with each of them.

We got up early in the morning to catch our flight on Wednesday.

Here’s my daughter, probably still half asleep:

Me with my morning wake up coffee:

My final watch choices!!!!!

Left wrist:

Right wrist:

Hitting the beach!!!!!

A little beach clean-up. Lots of seaweed so these guys are out everyday!!!!

This guys is hitting the waves!!!

Windy but sunny:

Out for dinner at J. Alexander’s for their amazing baby-back ribs!!!!


Thanks for looking & stay tuned for more pics

Spring Break Report Part 2 (lots of pix) >>>>

Hi Everyone,

I was MIA for a while because I just couldn’t find the time to post while sitting on the beach, LOL!!!!

Here’s a collection of photos from my trip last week to Fort Lauderdale, with my youngest daughter for her Spring Break.

From the 24th floor!!!!


Morning essential on the beach…coffee!!!!

Decided to swap straps on the 88 for something Blue:

First morning light:

What is this guy hoping to find????!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Shark Patrol….YIKES!!!!

The local espresso joint where we went almost every night:

My daughter would have the gelato:

…and I’d have a Machiatto:

A drive to Boca Raton to view a ceramic Doppel. Sadly, I had to leave it behind. This is the SECOND time I let a Ceramic get away from me:

Sorry, no pix of the Doppel.

Father & daughter:

Like Father like Daughter – she spent an hour looking to find the right watch!!! Hey, for $19.99, let her look for two hors, LOL

Lunch at….. guess where????

Another great day at the beach:

The Samurai in it’s natural habitat:

I finally put on the Black Riva and it is stunning on the 88!!!!!

Finally time to come home (this past Sunday):

Check out this reflection from the sun on my 88:

Thanks for taking the time to look at my photos.

Have a great day!!!!


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I miss these so much I need to make sure I stop by here much much more!! Great post pal.

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...I will hold my fingers back m8.