P-day 2010 Day 2 report, but beware there's a lot of photos >>>>>>

P-day 2010 Day 2 report, but beware there's a lot of photos >>>>>>

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October 24th, 2010, 12:40 pm #1

Day 2 at P-day started like most days for me with a nice cappuccino!

I met up with Howard (aka boa2) for an early morning coffee. Howard it was great to finally meet you and hope that we can catch up again soon.

After breakfast I saw Ron's latest with a custom made Black JV sew-in buckle and contrast stitch, loving this combo!!!

Outside Eng's studio with J-F and Paul!

Also caught up with some Belgian friends Leni, Frank, and Patrick!

With Andy

With Terry

With Eddie

Lunch time with Houda!

We finally made our way uptown to the Panerai Boutique

Enjoy the pix

Trying to find a Panerai that Houda would wear!

BINGO, the Titanium 42mm Rad

Heading back to the hotel to get ready for the evening's festivities!

J-F seems to always appear out of nowhere, LOL!!!!

Waling over to Eng's for cocktails but the party has already started without us, LOL!!!

Arriving at the restaurant, Yummy!!!!!!!!!

Craig's Dragon head bracelet!

Hmmmmmm, which menu to choose, LOL???!!!!!!!!!

Mikey, how many times do I have to tell you to stop playing with your food???!!!!!!!!

OMG, of all the tables to be at

OK, now THIS photo needs a caption, LOL!!!!!!!

Prepping for the table shot!

We even had some spectators looking through the window

I nice way to end the evening

Daniel, it was great to meet you and spend time with a nice cigar, cheers mate

I'm just about to start getting ready for tonight's event, so see you all soon with the Day 3 report

Bye for now!

Montreal, Canada